Getting good price on heat pump

Gatorfan818September 26, 2012

I wanted to improve the efficiency of my older Goodman units. And get the best price I could. I had 7 HVAC companies come out (big outfits and 1 man crews) with estimates. The prices floored me...some were over $10,000. Which led me to Craigslist.

I received many responses to my ad, and decided on a licensed contractor with great references. He charged $1600 to install 2 small heat pumps. It took 2 people about 11 hours to install, so I believe I paid a very fair wage. I got the equipment at his cost. I saved over $3000 by doing my homework.

Be very careful when hiring a company...there is a greed factor. My contractor actually told me that to some, having a license in HVAC is a license to steal. Overcharging for adding refrigerant (costs them $11 a lb., some charge $60-80 per pound). Most important thing is to check references and make sure they are licensed. Don't let these guys take extra hard-earned money from you!

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Did you get a labor Warranty? If you need a service call some frigid winter evening, will he come?

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You are right. There alot of hvac companies and even small 1/2 operations that want to make a few thousand dollars profit per job for like 10 hours of work! If you shop around though, you can find licensed contractors that are much more reasonable.
Once you find a reasonable priced licensed contractor who does quality work and is knowledable, save their number and refer them to family and friends.

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That was a GREAT price, and with the price of refridgerant going up to $600 per drum, i think my husband cahrges $25 per pound to make it fair, but you are right some charge $70-98 per pound I've seen. Some people think its great to go with big name companies and I am a firm believer that you get a better deal from a smaller company bc as I have said before, they want to please you so that you refer them to others and that you are a repeat customer. We have our own small business so I know how it goes! Glad you didn't get ripped off. I hate to see when people pay 6-8000 for a new unit etc etc.

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I have a labor warranty for one year, per SC law. Some outfits were giving me the one year free, but quoted $325 value for something they are required to do for free...

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