Electrolux FL - do they still have an 'add water' button?

kemilieMay 23, 2012

Hi! I've read some reviews of electrolux machines that talk about an "add water" button.. but when I look at all the current ones available at Sears I don't see anything with a button like that? Is it called something else, or do they not have that option anymore? If so, does anyone know of any front loaders that do have an "extra water" button for when you want it?

Thanks for any input!

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Yes they have it, at least it's on the WaveTouch models.

It's under options.

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I look at pdf's of user guides when I want operating info on products

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I Have Electrolux washer, EWFLS70J, and i love it. There is an "add more water" in the options settings on different wash cycles, note that not all wash cycles can have the option to "add more water" Like sanitize or fast wash.

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I remember reading the PDF's of the WaveTouch and the I Q Touch (I think it's called) and I remember the IQ didn't have
'add water' but the WaveTouch did. I wonder if the water it adds is significant or just a small amount?

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Hi there, i use the add more water on ever cycle i can. It does add more water than the cycles without, i notice that the water level with add more water is right up to the drum lip, without add more water selected it seems the water is just barley there.

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mark30511 is correct add more water is only available on wave touch machines.

Although I did read a few people have been successful in adding more water in the IQ touch by just putting a hose in the detergent dispenser area.

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