Asko T793 dryer

foodonastumpMay 23, 2011

My sister recently purchased an Asko W/D set. She seems fairly happy with it, but has had an issue with the dryer since day one: When she opens it mid cycle to add or remove clothes, it restarts the cycle rather than resuming it. She called for service, the repair man called Asko and they said the control panel needed replacement. Well it was replaced today and the problem wasn't resolved.

The fact that Asko authorized service and sent out a new panel would suggest that this is neither user error nor "works as designed." Not to mention that this would be a really annoying "feature." But what's the odds of two identically defective panels in a row? Any other ideas?


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Ok, I should have talked to her rather than just text before I posted. I didn't realize you choose settings and not times. She said that when she initially called Asko with questions the guy couldn't answer anything and just sent out service. So... question rephrased:

She'll start a load and it says it will finish at 8:00. Ten minutes later she opens it up quickly, and then it says it'll finish at 9:00. Then it ends at 8:30.

Sounds to me like it's a quirky system but not necessarily defective? I asked if the clothes are ever wet at the end of the cycle. No they're not, but she often feels like it might be overdrying. As a result of all this she has no confidence in the system and will not leave a load unattended/unmonitored.

Can any owners weigh in? Both the control panel and the sensor were replaced.

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Lonely thread, LOL! I thought there were a lot of Asko fans out here, maybe I'm wrong? Anyway, an update:

After replacing control panel and sensor while being on the phone with Akso, repairman admitted he was leaving without problem resolved.

Sis called Asko again, described what was happening, again told told this doesn't sound right. They recommended a repairman come out, look at it and call Asko support to discuss while there. Umm, that already happened. She's breathing deep.

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It sounds like a "feature" that they missed in the design of the timer. And if that is the case, you will have to reset the time in the event that you open the dryer mid-cycle. As you imply, two units in a row seem to confirm this.

Don't feel too bad, we sunk near $700 into a Bosch dishwasher with a defectively designed soap door that won't open. After we finally got service to replace it a few months back the new soap door is again doing this.

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I have this dryer and yes it does reset but it doesn't overdry my clothes. The sensor seems to work fine but it's still annoying.

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My Miele dryer does this as well. While I don't have a digital countdown timer, I do have a progress bar with LED lights. If the LEDs have moved down the progress bar - let's say after 10 minutes of drying - if I were to open the dryer and close it again, the progress bar resets to the first LED and appears to start over. I thought this behavior was unusual, but it never really bothered me. I figure the dryer starts the moisture sensing process over again, assuming you added or removed clothes, but it will still dry the load just fine.

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Since it is a "sensor" system. The dryer will only dry the load to a certain moisture level. Time is not even a factor. When you open and restart it the machine has to start sensing over again but it will "sense" how dry the load is and carry on to the optimal moisture for the load.

I don't find this parculiar. It doesn't know if you've added something or taken something out. It needs to sense the load to know where it's at.

I'm not sure my rambling even made sense to me ... lol ...

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@ livebetter

Yes :)

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