Foca detergent - super white whites!

izeveMay 21, 2011

I bought some Foca detergent at my local Walmart a few weeks ago. I've read good things about it on this forum so when I saw it I figured I'd give it a try since it's really inexpensive. I have to say I've been really impressed - my whites are super bright and clean and even old set-in stains are gone from my kitchen towels. Wow! I've been using it for a few weeks now for white extra hot loads and absolutely love the results! BTW, the bag says that this detergent contains no phosphates. The scent is very light, virtually gone after washing and drying. I am actually getting better results with Foca than I'm getting with Dixan Classico (Italian Persil).

I've also seen Ariel recently at my Walmart so I think I will try it next.

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I haven't tried FOCA, but do use Ariel for soiled things. Beware, IMO, the scent is strong and is apparent after drying. Not bad, but if you are smell sensitive, I would do an additional rinse.
I get great results using it.

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What kind of machine are you using that in? I have seen Foca on Mexgrocer and wondered about it. I do use Ariel in whites and real soiled things. yes it has a strong sent. I am one that hates a super strong killer floral sent but Ariel don't bother me at all, I like it.

I have wanted to fry Foca but not sure if its too sudsy for my FL washer.

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How much ariel are you using?
I've tried it and it really does clean well, however I've had trouble with too much sudsing. My water is hard, but not super hard.

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When I use Ariel I use approx. 3 tbsp. Sometimes a bit more if it's a pretty dirty load like garage towels.
I'm on well water and get some suds, but only at the beginning of the cycle.
BTW, I have a GE Harmony and it uses more water than a FL.

Use a bit of fabric softener in the wash load and it will take the suds down if you see too many. Then you can adjust on the next load.
I learned that trick at the laundromat when someone went way overboard on dosing! The attendant had a huge jug on hand for that reason.

Hope this helps.

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I have an LG front loader (4.2 c ft), water is medium soft. I get almost no suds with Foca, just a couple tiny bubbles here and there that dissipate right away. I use the Sears powder detergent scoop to measure it - for a full load I use two heaping scoops. I also add a scoop of oxy bleach. This combo works a lot better than Dixan plus oxy bleach on my whites.

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I'll have to look for the Foca.
And bookert , that is really interesting about using fabric softener.

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Fabric softener is a long-known method to kill oversudsing in a pinch, although softener *should not* be purposely added to the wash period to control suds as it is fundamentally incompatible with detergent and soap. Anti-foaming agents used in the carpet-cleaning industry also work. Or possibly a bit of vegetable or mineral oil. I recall reading somewhere that fish oil was used as a suds-control agent in the formula of a particular vintage brand of laundry detergent.

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Is Foca labeled HE?

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Whistle, Foca is not labeled HE, although the instructions on the bag have a picture of a front loader on it. For that matter, Persil or Dixan is not labeled HE either ;-) None of the European detergents are but they are all designed to be low sudsing and to work with front loaders. I think the HE labeling is a US invention and other countries do not use it.

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Thanks. That's what I had thought. I'm still trying to find the right mix of clean clothes and low suds.

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We have been using FOCA for a couple of years and really like it. It will fade colored clothing over time. So for dark clothing we have been using Vaska.

We use 120Ml of FOCA per load in our 1993 Whirlpool top loading machine. You get enough suds to clean well but not too many to be taken away by two rinses.

Now on whites, towels and bedsheets it really makes them sparkle! There is virtually no scenting left when the clothes are dried except for a nice pleasant clean scent. The clothes are also soft when removed from the dryer.

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I have my old sears scoop for Ariel.... once scoop of that and one scoop of borax is all I put in for soap. I have to look for Foca at Wal-mart. Mexgrocer sells it.

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You certainly can't complain about the price of FOCA. At Walmart a bag that will last us a year is $3.27. Can't get cheaper than that!

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Saw a bottle of liquid FOCA at Walmart. Has anyone tried it?

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I too tried some Foca this week... it does smell really nice. I have the Samsung VRT frontloaders and it did not produce a lot of suds with a normal load. I did wash two towels alone and this did cause some sudsing but not bad. I have tried the liquid in the past but honestly can't remember much about it. It seems to be a good product especially for the price... I thought I didn't have much to lose by trying it, a person could always use it for throw rugs etc if you didn't like the results with clothing.

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Vinegar will cut suds down too. Just be sure to use white vinegar so it won't stain your laundry.

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Alexina Properties

I too tried Foca (the liquid) in the past few weeks after reading about it here in the past. Wow, my whites have never looked better. We have used Tide HE Free for years so I was not sure about using a scented detergent, but adding an extra rinse removed all odor and no extra rinse resulted in very little odor. Very impressed!

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Foca appears to work because it contains optical brightners. It may not be the best for the environment.

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@whistle, I suspect you are right about FOCA containing OBs, but you should also note that most detergents in the US contain OBs (Tide, Ultra Plus, etc.), so Foca is not different. Persil (beloved by many posters on this board) also has OBs. In fact, you really have to do a lot of research and go out of your way to find a detergent without OBs (so far I have found the following: Vaska, Green Works and Seventh Generation - there may be others, but these I have tried and know they work)

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I tried homemade detergent and it just hasn't impressed me except it is cheaper. When I saw 22POUNDS of detergent for less than $14, I literally laughed out loud! I've read all of your posts and can't wait to try it honestly. My whites are a little dingy. Question: I have LG front loader and want to be sure about how much to use per load. With three ACTIVE and dirty kids and a farm manager for a husband, I don't do partial loads. Also, what about water plus...use it or not? Sorry to sound dumb, just want to be sure. Last question, is the Ecover bleach mentioned safe for colors? THANKS ALL!

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