First Service Call on the new Mieles (W4842/T9822)

livebetterMay 17, 2011

I was doing laundry the other day when I noticed my laundry room smelled like wet laundry drying (same smell you would notice outside by the vent).

After some investigating, I discovered that the dryer exhaust had completely come apart at the wall. Not good when you are venting a gas dryer.

I had to call for service as the only way to get to it is to move the washer.

Miele is currently running a "free 10 year warranty on any appliance" promo (month of May) so it was looking scary for wait time. I insisted they come soon so they managed to fit me in for this Thursday.

Since they are coming anyway, I will have them check my detergent drawer. It sometimes pops out. I have noticed after the cycle completes it is sometimes sitting forward a bit. Occasionally it has had a significant amount of water in it as well.

My friend who got her machines right after me has the same issue with the drawer only more frequent.

I find it odd the Miele drawer doesn't "lock" into place. My previous machine did. I know this has been discussed here before.

Any who ... never one service call in 10 years with the old Frigidaire. I'm hoping this is just a fluke :)

I haven't been doing laundry since Saturday when I discovered the issue. Can't wait to be back up and running.

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Hopefully the tech will get to you quickly. Our washer would have to be moved also, to access the duct/wall vent connection. I have no idea how I'll clean the ducting with these beasts. It was nothing for me to pull out the old Whirlpool TL set.

We've had our W4842 for 3 1/2 weeks and so far, so good.(knocking on wood) Our detergent drawer stays closed, and the only residual water is 1 Tbsp. in the fabric softener well, and the manual told me to expect that.

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Well, the dryer vent coming apart at the wall, can simply be the kind of tape the installer used to secure the exhaut hose/tubing to the vent hole. Silver, metallic appliance tape needs to be used. It seems many installers just use that regular matte, gray duct tape. I wouldn't blame the Miele machine for this. Maybe the installer of the Miele unit, but not the machine.

My first W4842 did the same, in regards to the detergent tray. Miele came out, and adjusted the drawer...the mechanism in the way back of the tray area.

I've had my W4842 and T9802 for now 14 months...and NOT one single issue. Just flawless!!

Livebetter..all will be ok. I promise!! :)

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@Larsi, they did use silver metallic tape but the installer pushed the washer right up against the vent tubing. I think maybe some slight shaking of the washer may have caused the pipe to loosen (my thought anyway). I realize this has nothing to do with the machine's performance it's just an inconvenience to fix.

As for the drawer, I'm sure it will be a simple fix.

My hope is all will be well for a LONG time after this.

I really do enjoy the machines. I normally do two loads of my kids' clothes mid week so I miss them right now (my hamper is full).

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I looked at mine, and they used that same shiny silver tape to connect the duct to the vent piping thru the wall. I've always used that metal thing that tightens with a screwdriver. I wonder why they did not do that? Those things never come undone.

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The things that they tighten with a screwdriver are called hose clamps. These would be used if you were to have a plastic type exhaust vent (not recommended = fire hazard).
So, the technician would be connecting the metal on the back of the dryer to an aluminum vent; in this case the "hose clamp" would not be effective. Therefore, the tech would use silver tape for this connection.

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@ronniner - Wow, I learn something new every day. It seemed to work on my old Whirlpool TL with aluminum duct & aluminum vent pipe, but I did have to smoosh in the pipe to make the flexible vent duct stuff fit over. DIY can be scary, eh?

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Miele came and went and we're back up and running :)

He wasn't sure the installers had taped the vent properly so he did it again and hopefully it'll hold this time.

He replaced the orange "clip" in the detergent drawer and it held perfectly. You could feel the difference right away. He commented that he's had a few like that so maybe it was a defective batch?

Anyway ... happy to be back doing laundry again :)

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Forgot to mention the tech came in and immediately put booties over his shoes. Nice touch.

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They always put booties on, and I love their Silver Miele vans that in big, bold writing says: "QUALITY GERMAN APPLIANCES SINCE 1899".

Miele is the BEST!!

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Oh lord... LOL

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Seriously??!! My dryer vent is now disconnected where the vent meets the dryer (previously it was where the vent went into the wall). Argh!! What's with these installers?? I had my previous set for 10 years in my kitchen laundry and then relocated to my new basement laundry and never had an issue.

I think it has something to do with the dryer vent running behind the washer (for the correct door swing). They keep pushing the washer in tight against that vent and I think maybe even some movement from the washer would cause stress on the dryer vent.

Guess I'm calling for service call #2. Because the vent runs behind the washer you have to move the washer too. Not a job for me.

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It may well be the washer moving the vent. My W4842 will rock back & forth when there is a heavy load in there, before the high spin "planes out." It is a left to right rocking action. If our dryer vent ever comes disconnected, I'm going to have them keep the washer further out from the wall.

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I did do a load of towels just before I noticed the dryer issue so could very well of been that load that did it in.

I'm going to request this time they keep the washer slightly forward off the vent.

Just annoying ... because it's a gas dryer and it's hot and humid here right now ... I can't use the dryer until they fix it.

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OMG!! Just for the record, I heard a load "clunk" in my laundry room yesterday (while drying some sheets) and went to discover my vent is off AGAIN! This is call number 3.

I could scream. The machines are wonderful but why oh why can't they install this vent so it won't fall off??

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WOW! I've had 5 sets of Miele Washer and Dryers over the past 15 years, and I have NEVER had a dryer vent/duct fall off. 3 were installed my Miele installers, 2 sets we installed.

This is insane. I would get very firm with Miele. You cannot waste time with such nonsense! Sorry livebetter!!

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As my friend said to me today, "only you" ... (of course only I would have these issues).

Tech came again today. He said it has something to do with them being on pedestals and having a longer run (as I revered them to previous installation). The "weight" of the duct plus vibration was causing it to work its way loose.

I asked him if the installers didn't know how to properly install for this set up ... no real answer.

He had to secure the duct up higher so it wasn't hanging. Unfortunately now I'm hearing a strange noise that will irritate me. Something is vibrating on something and causing it ... sigh. I may have call #4 coming if I can't solve it.

I'm not overly impressed by the Miele "expertise". I'm not convinced their "guys" know that much. I love my machines but I would not expect to have these issues with them installing and coming out several times to trouble shoot. But then ... maybe it's an odd situation ... I don't know.

For now I'm doing laundry again but that noise .... :(

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@ livebetter

Not to make light of your situation, but an image of a high-end German automobile just entered my mind... right before the bumper fell off! LOL

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LOL ...

I think I fixed the noise. It was the metal gas line tapping against something. I moved it a hair and it seems quiet for now.

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@ livebetter

I initially thought my weird vibration/noise during reverse tumble may have also been the vent line or something rubbing, but as it turns out it was the rear drum seal that needed to be replaced. The noise was emanating from inside the machine, but it was difficult to isolate. Hopefully you are not having the same problem, but keep your ears peeled.

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@ sshrivastava, it was def the gas line at the back. It was touching another metal item and vibrating against it. When I moved it slightly the noise stopped. He must have moved it when you was back there strapping up the vent line.

Thanks though! Your machines aren't that old are they? Why was this drum seal already needing replacing?

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@ livebetter

In the words of my technician, it's due to "detergent residue"! In the dryer of all places! Either Miele is playing the slickest blame game in the world, or their machines are absolutely inept if confronted with "detergent residue" (i.e., dust). In my opinion, if the seals are allowing dust to escape from the exiting air column, then there is something wrong with the seals - not with the way I wash my laundry.

I am 19 months into owning these machines, thank goodness I got the 2 year warranty for having my machines installed by Miele certified installers. Otherwise I would be out $312 for this repair. The cost of the Miele installation was $250. Good ROI here, but a little worried about these seals moving forward. Maybe the seal was defective or it wasn't installed properly at the factory, I don't know.

One thing that did impress me... Miele designs these machines so that practically all servicing can be performed with the machines in place. Removing the top and front panels will give you clean access to virtually every point inside. The technician had to disassemble my drum in order to replace the rear seal, and he did it all in my small laundry room with the machines in place atop their pedestals. While I'm not impressed that I needed to have seals replaced after only 19 months, I am impressed with how accessible the machines are by design.

I will say that this weird noise started about 6 months ago and has been getting progressively worse. It also pretty much coincided with my use of Clorox Green Works and Vaska - all of which suds more than other products even at reduced quantities. The technician said to stay away from Tide liquid products at all costs due to their sudsing issues. He mentioned in passing that they still don't know how to properly formulate HE detergent here in the US because all HE products here produce far more suds than European detergents.

I may be abandoning all of my products and going back to my trusted Persil after this experience. I have a huge stash of Universal and Color Megaperls in my garage, enough to last me a very, very long time.

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"He mentioned in passing that they still don't know how to properly formulate HE detergent here in the US because all HE products here produce far more suds than European detergents"

That technician has not seen Persil liquid ColorGel in my Miele, with my "moderate/medium" water quality. It would rival a good liquid HE Tide suds-fest, on any day.

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My dryer problem is NOT fixed. I just posted in the other thread about it. After supposedly being fixed, three days later I hear the same vibrating noise when the dryer tumbles in reverse.

I just called Miele service and gave them an earful about the idiot technician who blamed me for the problem because of detergent residue. Well, gee, I guess that wasn't the problem after all! Morons! All of them!

A month later and the problem is not fixed. I am NOT impressed with Miele service. They are apparently good for nothing except taking their time and blaming the customer for a problem that is obviously mechanical in nature.

I find it amazing that the technician knew right away that it was related to detergent residue and never bothered once to check the machine to see if it might simply be a vibrating part or panel. It only happens when it heats up. That points to an issue related to heat expansion. That tells me it's metal. Does it take a genius to figure this out?

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Dryer problem fixed

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