Brand new Speed Queen Walking all over the floor

shasta_2008May 25, 2010

After positive feedback on the Speed Queen we decided to buy a FL. The first three loads of laundry and the machine was 2 1/2 feet where it originally was to begin with. When it was delivered the delivery guys opened the back end of the truck and it was in the box laying on it's back. The truck was brand new but didn't have any straps to tie the appliances down, so I'm assuming a good slam on the brakes caused it to fall. We were their last stop. They removed a bracket that held the drum in place before taking it to the basement where we later read in the manual not to remove it until it was four feet from the permanent place.

The service guy has been out three times (it was delivered end April) this thing will walk across the floor on spin cycle. The first time they came out they leveled it, the second time they they put rubber pads on the feet, the third time they decided they have to order a circuit board for the balance cycle.It still walks. I am not happy, we have contacted SQ and they told us the dealer has to make good on it, the dealer is telling us if the board doesn't work they will replace it. I am very dissapointed, in the meantime I have laundry piled down there sky high. Has anyone else had problems with SQ FL?

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I really feel for you. I had problems like that and others. I refused to keep it. If it is within your 30 day return DO IT NOW. Don't let them give you attitude, you insist. I would not have had a repair man out in the first place at all. But that's me. I refuse to keep anything that acts up in the first month of having it. You shouldn't have to. If you want to try another Speed Queen, do it, and tell them that you will REFUSE delivery of it if they remove the shipping bolts until it is in the room where you want it. AND will not take it if it is on it's back, side or any way but upright. Speak to a manager about the delivery problems. I have to watch delivery guys like a hawk, you would be surprised at the things they do. I asked them if they had ever read the installation instructions or shipping inst. They think they know, but these front loaders are a little picky. It's YOUR money being spent, not theirs. If they give you any attitude, ask for money back and go somewhere else. Call them to come pick it up and don't take any crap from them. Good Luck, let us know how it works out.

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Thanks roseark I'm glad I'm not the only person out there that has had problems. I had no idea there was a 30 day return. We purchased it on 4/27 but it wasn't delivered until a week and a half later. I spoke to the owner of the store, he is the one that told me we had to do the warranty first to try to fix it and if this circuit board didn't work they would replace the washer but you made a good point, if it doesn't work to tell them to take it back. I'm sure they're only prolonging it so it will be after the 30 days. We wanted USA made and look what happened, this is unacceptable. I will call them and tell them to come pick it up tomorrow. By the way DH called the BBB. I'll keep you posted and thanks again!

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Speed Queen is so reliable, the owner of the company told me not to get the stackable washer when I wrote that it would be installed on a tile floor on the fourth level of a condo. I'd be surprised if Speed Queen didn't help you out.

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Even from the little in your post, it is apparent to me your installers were idiots, or at least oblivious. I suspect the machine is actually fine notwithstanding their carelessness. (Don't know, just suspect) Leveling and rubber pads aren't the ticket. They won't do a damned thing unless the machine is bearing on its feet properly. Only an inexperienced installer would assume so. The fact that their next step was the pads tells me they're not very experienced. Installers never stay around long enough to assure the equal-bearing thing is accomplished. Takes too long. They have places to be and other people to blow off.

Summary: I suspect the machine is probably fine and the install was flawed/incomplete.

Would be interested to learn how you handled it and/or what learned.

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I read on the Consumers Union Forum once about this problem. A servicer named John on that forum said that the problem was the door boot. At that time some of the machines used a black boot and it was stiffer and caused problems with vibrating in spin. The boot was changed out for a gray colored one which was softer. I would think by now all of them had the upgraded boot. BTW, John was a SQ servicer and dealer I believe. Some others on here may have read this also on CU Forum.

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It isn't all FL washers that walk.

The previous apt came with a stacked washer/dryer, Whirlpool 1.5 CF. It walked; I would push the washer/dryer back more into the laundry closet.

Later, a newer Whirlpool replaced the belt-driven old machine, same size. Still walked until stopped by the edge of the drain pan & door sill.

The "walking" happens when the agitator messes up the laundry to unbalanced situation & one can hear the loud banging; believe that's when the top loader stacked machines walked.

I decide to not push back the washer/dryer with my feet against the wall across the hall, & see what happens. The washer/dryer "no longer walked" since it was against the drain pan & door sill.

The idea that the load isn't distributed to the 4 legs evenly cause the walking effect appears to be the cause.

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It's too bad that you're having trouble, but in fairness, you can't blame the machine for not standing up to such abuse. Who knows? It could have been stacked on top of another machine and didn't just tip over but could have fallen to the floor! And the shipping bolts instructions are clear. Your delivery guys didn't know what they were doing or they ignored what they should have done and really, you can't blame the machine for human error.

Although calling the BBB might make you feel better, they have no enforcement power so they're really worthless and a waste of time. But like I said, it might make you feel better.

I think I too would just call them up and say come and get the machine. Period. If they want to sell you a new machine, OK, but they bring it out and set it up correctly and you'll be watching them do it. If they don't want to do that, tell them to pick it up and you'll buy somewhere else. I'd emphasize that this was abuse and incompetence by the installers so you're not going to try a warranty claim. Some people have had trouble returning machines once a warranty claim has been filed. I'd also tell them not to send the same idiots (and I'd use that term) who damaged (and I'd use that word too) the other one. Emphasise that you have laundry to do and someone will deliver a properly working machine to you by ________, and it can be them or someone else.

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I have had a SQ FL for 1 1/2 years. If I remember correctly, SQ changed from a gray boot to a black boot. I believe the black boot is more mold resistant. Leveling the SQ is an important step. Next the installers need to adjust the feet for even pressure (weight bearing load). This may be accomplished by loosening the lock nut on a front foot and adjusting the foot as the FL is spinning. This is a fine tuning step and the FL should be very stable once adjusted properly.

I assume that your FL is on concrete in the basement. If the shipping supports (metal block, shipping bolts and shock absorber spacers) were not removed, the FL should not have been damaged by placing it in its back. If the shipping supports were removed, the shock absorbers could be damaged from large shifting movements.

SQ FLs do not employ fancy load balancing programs for spinning. Some FLs do a better job with this and thus may have fewer walking issues. The only time my SQ FL wants to walk is when a load is very unbalanced and the result is that the FL may move approximately one inch to the side. I like my SQ FL for its quick washing cycles, simple controls, good washing performance, long warranty, commercial quality components and expected reliability. I expect SQ to remain a player in the laundry market. Parts should be readily available.

Other FLs may come in designer colors, have more cycles, higher final rpm spins and may be a little quieter. I wonder how many of those FLs will outlast my better built SQ Fl?

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When i got my first washer and did have the boot problem, i called the store the next day, actually i went up there to see if the display did it. They told ME to call Electrolux and get a return ticket number for them. Electrolux agreed that I should not have had to call, Lowes should. Anyway, Electrolux had me hang on, they called Lowes, Lowes tried to do the 7 day return on them. It took a week and a half to get it after being ordered. Electrolux said that their machines arent held to the 7 day from purchase, but 7 days AFTER DELIVERY. So, got a new set. Plus as i had to wait, Electrolux sent me a $100.00 check for my having to go to laundromat and being inconveinced. I told Lowes to stuff the warranty repair man coming out. I called the authorized repair in my town, told the guy what it was doing and he said "if i had just recieved this, i would ask for a replacement"!!! Stick to your guns. I was afraid that if i did have a repair guy out that i would have a hell of a time returning, so just tell them NO. Go through management, even corporate if you have to. If you are married, sent an angry wife to the store, if she is like me they will cringe in their shoes. There's nothing like a p-----d woman who cant do laundry at home and is in a place full of idiots!!! My washer that i just got is perfect.

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I have a Speed Queen FL washer. It is on tile over concrete. I found it easier to level the machine with a digital level. I removed the rubber covers from the feet. Leveled the machine till the digital level was satisfied. Marked the floor with tape. Locked the legs in position. Then moved the machine to put the rubbed feet back on. It is rock solid now.

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SQ appliances are not the only ones made in the USA. There are others.

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I think the best way to deal with a vibration issue is to very carefully adjust the feet so that they each support equal weight - this is more important than the washer being perfectly level.

I have a Kenmore HE3t washer (sister to the Whirlpool Duet), which was installed in 2003. The washer is in my kitchen, on a wood floor over a basement. Occasionally it would vibrate badly at the highest spin speed with a heavy load - like jeans or towels.

I tried adjusting the feet the best I could so that the machine was level and would not rock at all from side to side or corner to corner. I then put in a big load of towels and set it to spin. I then adjusted the front feet (since I couldn't reach the back ones while the washer is in place) until the vibration stopped. I was amazed at what a difference just a quarter turn of one foot made! I locked the feet into place by tightening nuts on the feet to the washer. I haven't had any vibration issues since.

I would suggest you get the installers to do the same thing before they leave.


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Thanks for all the information. Joe, when you adjusted the feet was it while the washer was spinning? Please let me know DH would like to try it so I can get some laundry done. Thank you!

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Another method I've heard mentioned is to place a piece of paper under each of the two front feet. Set the machine spinning (with a slightly off-balance load if possible so as to generate some vibration), tug on the paper to check which piece pulls out easiest, and adjust that foot ever-so-slightly downward as needed so *minimize* the ease with which the paper can be pulled out.

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I thought I'd give an update on the washer. After trying to adjust the feet (which worked for a few loads) The tech came out and replaced the board and then he came back and replaced the whole drum. What a difference, it's so quiet now and doesn't move a bit. Thanks to all who replied, I'm a satisfied customer. Now I wish I had the dryer to dry the large amount of clothes!

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