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flipavonSeptember 7, 2012

I just had a blower door test done and it showed

2223 pa50 after air sealing and the addition of blown in cellulose insulation added to the attic and exterior walls. Using the formula (2223)(60)/16664 cu feet

= 8 ac/hr. The home is a single story ranch.

Are my calculations correct, or are the ac too high or low?

I am located west of Cleveland, OH. Thanks,


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what is sq ft of your home?

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The home is 2073 sq ft.

I should have said that the final door blower
test result was 2223 cfm50. The door blower test
result (before air sealing) was 3331 cmf50.

Thanks, Flip

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I just bought a house which has central air and heat. The central air works great but I turned on the heat today because the temperature in the house was 63 which is far to cold for me. I have had the central heat on turned up to 70 for half an hour now and it has only gone up to 64 in the house which I think is probably more to do with my slow cooking dinner than anything. I'm concerned that the heating isn't working. Can anyone tell me if there is something I need to do to the furnace before using the heat like maybe a switch to flip or something that I wasen't made aware of? It will be winter in a couple of months and I need to figure this out before it gets to cold outside and in.

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Kimv28, start a new thread with the same information and include the outdoor temp.

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