What does "mini split" mean?

catman_gwSeptember 2, 2012

Does mini refer to capacity, the physical size of the indoor or outdoor heat exchangers or something else?

Does split mean that the 2 heat exchangers are in different places as contrasted to a window unit that's all in one box? Does it mean that it's a multi-zone system? Or something else?

So...what distinguishes a mini split from conventional central air? I have a Fujitsu Halcyon AC/heat pump here that is using 2 "concealed ceiling" heat exchangers which are just conventional ducted fan coils controlled by separate t'stats. Is this different than a non mini split?

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A mini-split does not use duct work to move air around.

The hole in the building exterior is to get the electrical and refrigeration lines between the units.

They come in a variety if sizes, with outdoor compressors set up to run anything from a single indoor unit to multiple units.

Do a search on 'mr slim' to see a popular unit.

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In your case, the difference is pretty much the size. Other indoor equipment that could be matched to your outdoor unit would be mounted on walls or in the ceiling and use no ducts as brickeyee indicated

Go to Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Toshiba, Fujitsu and other web sites to see their consumer literature. There are good pictures and other information.

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