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dcarch7June 9, 2012

I made grilled gulf shrimps with fiddlehead fern and beet stems. As I said in the "beets" thread, I often cook beet greens, stems and roots in different dishes because they require different cooking time.

What are the other pictures for? What are those in the pictures ?

Well, they are related to the shrimp dish. Want to venture a guess? You will be surprised. :-)


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I just love what you did with the beet stems! But I have no idea what those last pics are of.

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Oooh! Oooh! Me me me! I think I've got it- are they fiddlehead bulbs?

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Well, D looks like a close up of strawberry seeds - strawberry not quit ripe? A and B, I'm not sure.

C is kind of obvious? Garlic and peppers.

Your dish looks beautiful. Love the beet stems.

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Thank you everyone.

So here is the story with the pictures. ALL the pictures were taken with my cell phone's camera.

You hear this all the time, " I am sorry about the quality of my photos, they were taken with my cell phone."

In reality, a cell phone's camera is a very capable optical device. I have used my cell phone to take pictures for many of my past posts here. Used properly you will be amazed what a cell phone camera can do.

1. Picture C - Elephant garlic. Giant gloves, (compare them with the peppers), not a bad shot.
2. Piture D - greginnd is correct, a macro shot of a strawberry seed.
3. Picture A - a macro shot of a single brown rice.
4. Picture B - a macro shot of two sesame seeds, one black and one white.

Macro shots were done by putting a magnifying glass in front of the lens.

Two important things will get you very good pictures with a cell phone camera:

Good bright lights and a steady tripod.


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Wow!! Who'da thunk??? Good going DC!
I think that was a very cool quiz.

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DC, May I borrow one or 2 of the pics and post them elsewhere for a quiz?

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Thanks jasdip.

Of course you can. Sharing is what this is all about.


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