White Star shaped squash?

riverrat1June 11, 2009

I had errands to run yesterday and when I drove up to the house I saw a bag hanging on the door. It was full of garden vegetables! Tomatoes, cucks, zucchini, beans and these white star shaped vegetables. I've never had these before so I'm not sure the correct way to handle/cook them. I still don't know who dropped the veggies at my door but I'm sooooo grateful ;-)

Any ideas?

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RR, could they be pattypan (used to be called a scallop) squash? Very popular here, and they can be sliced and grilled, stir fried, hollowed out and stuffed, then baked. They're very pretty.

C'mon, post a picture and make it easy, LOL!


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sounds to me like patty pan too....just cook in any way that you would cook a zuchinni or a yellow squash.
Linda C

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Here ya go! Aren't they pretty...almost looks like a flower bud. They seem to be extremly hard on the outside. Kinda like an Acorn Squash. Are they ripe? LOL! I really have never had these before.

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Oh yeah, RR, those are pattypan squash. If they are hard on the outside they might be even a little bit over-ripe.

My girls liked it if I just cut them in half (take a slice off the bottom so it will sit flat if necessary, then scoop out some of the middle, saute that with some bread crumbs, cheese, italian sausage if we had it, then stuff it back in and bake the squash. We added onions, parsley, basil, mushrooms, garlic, whatever was on hand and tasted good. (grin)

As LindaC mentioned, they can be used nearly any way you could use zucchini or the yellow crookneck summer squash while they are young and tender, but if the skin is tough, you might want to peel them and treat them more like a winter squash.


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Thanks Annie and Linda for the quick response. I'll try them tonight, stuffed, like you said Annie.

I love "new" to me vegetables.

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What a nice surprise to come home to! Here's another idea, but you will lose the nice, attractive shape.

Dice some bacon, & fry until crispy. Remove from pan. Add diced squash (bite sized pieces), & some diced onion. When tender, add a can of diced tomatoes, simmer for a couple of minutes. Add salt & pepper to taste, if desired. Add the crisp bacon just before serving.

This makes a very pretty & colorful dish if you use a combination of yellow squash, zuchinni, and the patty pan, but it is good with any one of them alone, or any combination.

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