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puzzlefanMay 6, 2011

With so few choices for a washer that would actually use totally hot water when I wanted it, I chose a Speed Queen. So far I am disappointed and I was wondering if my washer is a bit a fault or my too high expectations. It only fills two thirds with water even though I choose extra large. Is this normal? The spin cycle is wimpy so I have to do two spin cycles to get more moisture out of the clothes than the old Kenmore I was using on a temporary basis. Again is this normal? I know I was spoiled by my FP which really semi dried things but I was still expecting a bit more than I am getting. Any input appreciated.

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Water levels on some deep-fill agitator toploaders have been dropping in an attempt to garner some water effiency. You can try manually adding more water by holding the water level control at Reset (if it has a Reset), or by holding it between positions if not.

IIRC, Speed Queen spin is 710 RPM. An "old" Kenmore (assuming direct-drive, not belt-drive) is 640 RPM. Your F&P was 1010 RPM.

You are aware that there are a couple workarounds to get a full hot fill on F&P machines, yes?

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Why do you need it to fill above 2\3? If you have to spin the clothes dry twice as you indicate one would assume they are getting wet.

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We are pleased with our Speed Queen AWN432. Ours fills about 3/4 full; you can increase the water level using the link below, but we have not found it necessary to do so.

We are finding that the clothes are not spun as dry as with our HE machine, but as a plus, there are far fewer wrinkles. Have also not noticed any increase in drying time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Increase water level on Speed Queen

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