Tandil HE Question

chuffleMay 2, 2012

A good number of years ago, at least ten, I tried a bottle of Tandil detergent. That was when I lived in the city and owned a top loader - didn't know a thing about HE detergents at the time. I seem to recall not being overly impressed by the wash day results. Now, I use a front loader, and find that I have good results with Tide HE liquid for my warm water washes, and Gain powder for the hot loads.

While in the local Aldi earlier this evening, and on a whim, I bought a bottle of Tandil HE - won't be trying it until I do laundry over the weekend.

I am curious if anyone here has used this detergent, and what folks' opinions of the liquid might be.



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I tried it once as well... It obviously comes from Sun Corp. because the bottle looks like the bottles from All, Wisk, Great Value, Up and Up and a bagillion other store brands that come from them. I hope it's better, because the last time I tried it I may as well used a heaping scoop of nothing in the loads it was used in. Just used it for rugs after that. All the other above brands are far better... Let us know...

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I'm really looking forward to trying this "premium" detergent, for it was certainly priced right - 64 loads at $6.99.

I don't know where Sun products are manufactured, but this detergent is made in Canada. I'm pleased to report that the bottle cap has dosage markings that are very clear to read - unlike some of the Sun Products that I have tried in the past.

I'll give this a go over the weekend and report my thoughts.


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Big big big big house brand manufacturer... Plus All and Wisk brands.

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