WWYD? 10 year old Miele washer & dryer

mfrogMay 2, 2011

Hi all!

There is a Miele 1918 washer & dryer for sale close to us. He says it was serviced last summer & is in excellent condition but they are 10 years old. Would you take a chance on it?

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As with almost everything, depends on the price.

What, exactly, does "serviced last summer" mean?

Washers and dryers do not require "service". It's not like you have to change the oil or rotate the tires. They require "service" when they break. Get the whole story...like what, exactly, was the "service" entailed (who did it and what did they do?.....they should have the documents) and why they're selling these renowned-for-longevity machines if they're in "excellent" condition.

Probably my Long-winded way of saying "no". 10-year-old washers/dryers are most frequently scrapped or donated. Again.....depends on the price.

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When or "if" he gets back to me, I'll ask what the service was for. He wants $300 for the pair & says they are selling them because they want the larger set. I miss my old Miele set which I left in the last house & was hoping to replace them with a used set.
Thanks for the response, still not sure what I'm going to do, but for $300 I may take a chance.

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Sounds like you have the matter well in-hand. Are they 220v machines? Are you set up for that?

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Since Miele units are designed to run 20 years, and they are ONLY $300 for the set...I would jump on it. With that being said, I wouldn't do it, if the machine was moldy, smelly or looks likt the owner didn't care for it.

But if in good condition, $300 seems like a steal. My family in Europe has machines way over 10 years old...and still running, performing and sounding like new!!

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Yes they are 220, but the converter box comes with & we have an outlet for our present dryer, so no problem.
I don't know if they are going to get back to me, I was the first one to email them on Craigslist, but it seems like they are not getting back to me, we emailed back & forth a few times but I can't get a reply now. Someone got a pretty good deal. Thanks everyone for your input.

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I've owned that model of washer. It was GREAT. Hi spin RPM (1600 I think) and can be stacked. Holds almost as much as a "full sized" top loader and of course cleans far better and uses almost no water and little electricity - the thing Miele is famous for. I'd jump on this deal in a NY SECOND! If the machines are running it's a bargain! The darned converter box cost almost $300 now. A new pair of Miele's would cost you AT LEAST three thousand, plus tax, deliver, install, etc. Worst case you have a major service hit on the washer in a year. So you spend $500 or even $1000 on fixing it and bring it up to "spec" again. You are STILL thousands of dollars ahead of buying a new pair. Frankly the older 220v Miele Washers heat the water to near boiling if you want - and that, coupled with the extended wash cycle and Persil will get out most any stain you can imagine from white sox, towels, etc. Don't use it on colors, of course. And NEVER use Chlorine Bleach in older 220v Miele's. Their rubber gaskets will rot if you do! Major danger there if you're not accustomed to Miele. Powdered bleach or brighteners (oxygen bleaching agents) are fine. Just chlorine bleach of any kind is NEVER safe to use in those older Mieles. (Also, check the door gasket and make sure it's not rotted or punctured or falling apart. (Which could mean bleach has been used and hoses and internal gaskets may need replacement sooner rather than later.) Just make sure it's fully in tact all the way around and you'll be fine. If it's rotting or worn and torn, then pass on the machine. I hope it's in good shape. BTW: here in AZ and in CA I've seen used Miele pairs go for as much as $1800 on Craig's List! So you're stealing these if you get them for $300. But once you own them, call Miele factory service and have them go thru the machines and tell you what's needed "now" and what you may need in a year or so of constant use. I'll bet you'll find your machines are in PRIMO shape and will go for another 12 or 14 years with little or no service. Good luck. BTW: you could buy these, and turn around and re-sell them at a profit if you didn't need to keep them. Just a thought now that money is harder to come by and the economy isn't exactly thriving right now...

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