extending steam pipe 3/4 inch

corvetteguySeptember 28, 2011

Put new floor down which raised height 3/4

inch. Steam radiator valve is now 3/4 in too low

to meet radiator. IS THERE A 3/4 INCH NIPPLE THREAD


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They are called extension nipples however can't say I've seen one in 1-1/4". And it would probably be longer than 3/4".

Depending on situation just change the nipple riser with one a little longer having it custom threaded. However many times access is limited or requires opening ceiling or wall.

Sometimes it's possible to cut some of the radiator legs off and file smooth

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Yes I have already cut the legs on
other units. I thought that with so many 1800's
homes being refinished some companies may have
produced custom fittings. I am a little scared
to unscrew the nipple as it goes into a "T" in
the base,ment and if it brakes I won't be an easy fix.

I could position the HEAVY radiator, mark the leg
contacts and use a forstner bit to drill 4
holes in the floor.

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