Will hack job on duct work make a difference?

dixiemanSeptember 30, 2012

I was vacuuming out the newly installed duct work - I couldn't believe that I was pulling out 4" pieces of hardwood floor and bits of trim, in addition to the sawdust that I was expecting. Anyway, after removing one of the wooden register covers, I saw that one of our ducts looked really hacked up - and I wondered if that's going to make a difference for heat loss, efficiency, etc. There are gaps where it doesn't even come up to the subfloor. This is one of 3 ducts put into a 22'x12' room addition (over insulated, enclosed crawl space). There's a furnace located in the crawl space and a heat pump outside. The furnace/heat pump only supply this room. From September 27, 2012

From September 27, 2012

From September 27, 2012

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Bring them back and have them fix it. It doesn't look that great.

If you want an easy repair, use mastic or high quality duct tape to seal the duct.

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If the crawlspace is conditioned/insulated, it isn't a big hit to efficiency. But I would think they would come back and clean it up a bit...

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Are you kidding me !!!! Did they do this for FREE? If not get them back out and as OP said make them fix it .. I'm no expert ..but there has to be some blow by meaning some of the heat generated is going some where else other then where it should. Stuff like this make me fume ... some, not all contractors just take your money and run .. get them BACK and have them do it right ... I would think the sheet metal should at least come as close to the upper floor as possible.

Sorry about rant but this is just not right!

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if this is the quality of work they do..don't
expect much better if they return to seal.
they will use materials that may stick for
a while..but ultimately will fail.
duct tapes,metal tapes, asphalt backed tapes will not
adhere to both metal & plywood.

I'd use hardcast brand mastic tape #1402
to seal from metal box to floor. keep
mastic tape inside of area covered by suppy
grill cover. all surfaces should be clean
& dry.

seal all supply boxes, check inside return for

best of luck.

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CJ Mechanical of North jersey llc.

Because they did not use 4 nails on the boot it twisted..Granted if they used four nails the boot would still be snug to the sub floor however because of the crapy cuts by the floor co.. and it looks like the floor guy cut the floor boot and or made it worse. heating guy not enough nails floor guy bad cutting, and the third guy for not cleaning the vents

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