1955 Dream Kitchen video

northcarolinaJanuary 30, 2012

Have you all seen this? I went hunting for "retro kitchen" and up it popped. Humorous video (13 min long) credited to A Woman's Home Companion. Features steel cabinets, Formica, a pass-through wall cabinet and a young Darren McGavin. Also some antiquated ideas about who gets to decide how the kitchen is going to be arranged, so all y'all whose non-cooking partners keep getting in the way of your designs can tell them they are about 60 years behind the times. lol. (There is a little of that going on here too so I sympathize, though it's more the Fact Of and the expense than the layout that is the sticking point.)

All these old kitchen photos and videos seem to be advertisements for something or other, but I still have fun looking at them. :) And I wouldn't mind that steel kitchen either (except it needs some venting).

p.s. I do notice that in the video, instead of renovating the kitchen, they just got a whole new house instead. ha!

Here is a link that might be useful: 1955 kitchen video on theretrokitchen.com

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That was good, and you were right. Darren McGavin looks so young.

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Loved it!

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You know why the Amana colony invented the first washing machine? Because MEN had to do the washing too?

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So what happened to the automatic flour dispenser?!?

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And just think of all the folks who think the 50s were the greatest and we should return to that marvelous time. Good thing Jane and what's-her-name could trick George into, what? building a house? by simply leaving for 2-1/2 days? My mom is terribly ill at the moment. I left suddenly last week for 6 days. I have to say, it never occurred to me that my husband and adult son couldn't figure it out while I was gone: shopping, meals, clean up, laundry, ironing, what's the big deal? They had a meal ready to go when I got home last night.

I did enjoy this bit of retro. I realize I was 4 when this came out, which is the age my grandson will be in a couple of weeks. Times change - he got a play kitchen for Christmas. He especially likes the wisk for some reason. He puts all the toy food and other utensils in a big bowl and stirs them up with the wisk.

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Oh, that was very fun but also a little creepy.

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Maybe now even though women still do most of the kitchen work, at least men are no longer totally clueless in the kitchen. Although I love retro things and enjoyed the kitchens and appliances in the video, I have no desire to go back to the 50's or 60's when women didn't have a whole lot of independence from the home.

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Hilarious. And yes a little creepy. Good thing they didn't have ubiquitous take-out back then ... that plot could never have worked otherwise, lol.

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I actually liked Jane's old house better than her new one. I love those stucco "Tudor" houses. Whats-her-name's kitchen was great, though.

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