F&P washer-need help

doral_gwMay 9, 2012

If somebody reading this has technical information about a FP Intuitive Eco IWL12 I would appreciate your help.

I really like this machine but have a problem. The control panel was replaced about 3 years ago. Recently, the machine will cut the power to itself, rest for a few seconds, and then it restarts. There is no error code on the message center. Yesterday, it did this (stop and re-start) about 4 times during the course of one load of laundry. I unplugged the machine and then it went back to behaving itself. It did this again several weeks ago. I can't figure out what is wrong? This machine is 6 years old and I don't want to have to make a big repair investment- if---this is the beginning of the end.

Any suggestions?

My DH is an engineer and could probably figure this out if we had some technical information or guidance.

Any help would be appreciated.

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The only thing I'm aware that will (under normal circumstances) cause the machine to go dead and restart itself is a power failure. The control board continually records the cycle progress to non-volatile memory so it can restart where it left off in a power failure. That process apparently is working OK, otherwise it couldn't restart.

Have you sat and monitored the machine continuously during a cycle to observe what it's doing at the time of the failures? Normally in a power outage there is a message upon restart advising "Power Cut - restarting in 10 secs" and then it continues from the point of interruption.

Check via Diagnostic Mode if there is a fault code recorded. A power failure does not record as a fault being as it's an external condition not caused by machine components ... but there may be some other fault that was noted. Not all faults show outside Diagnostics so you have to go into Diagnostics to see them.
1. With Power off, press and hold Lifecycle, then press Power at the same time. The panel light should come on but the display may be blank. Release both buttons.
2. If the display is blank, press Lifecycle again.
3. Press Option Up and Option Down to switch between three diagnostic screens -- Fault Status, Warning Status, and Machine Status.
4. What does it say for Fault Status and Warning Status screens?
5. Press Power to exit diagnostics.

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Dear Dadoes:

My husband ran the diagnostic routine according to your instructions. Below is the information. We don't know exactly where we go from here and would appreciate your interpretation.

Out of Balance
464 cycles ago at progress Spin"

Fault code 9, 746 cycles ago at progress Prewash

Divert: off HVDC: 332
Size: 650mm OOB: off
T: 30 deg C Target: deg C

Thank you so much for your help.

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One more thing that I forgot to add in my follow-up.

You asked the following: "Have you sat and monitored the machine continuously during a cycle to observe what it's doing at the time of the failures? Normally in a power outage there is a message upon restart advising "Power Cut - restarting in 10 secs" and then it continues from the point of interruption."

Yes, indeed you are describing the exact behavior above. Today, it did the "power cut" and "restarting" 4 times during the course of one load of laundry. It did beep and warn me about the power cut....and I watched it re-start each time.

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Machine Status is all normal info:
Diverter is off (or heating, on, or cooling)
HVDC refers to control board voltage
Size is correct
OOB is off-balance switch status (push tub to the right/rear to trigger it)
T is the temp reading from the thermistor in the water inlet chamber
Target is the target mixed inlet temp per the selected wash temperature (blank unless the machine is filling for wash)

OOB Warning Status is of no concern.

Fault 9 is size switch error ... which is strange. Was either the display board or motor control board replaced some while ago? The machine size (diameter of the basket in millimeters - all US models are the largest size but NZ/Aus models are sold in three capacities) must be programmed into the control board, which typically is done only when the board is replaced. Anyway, that was 746 cycles ago (maybe left from factory configuration), so no concern now.

Indication thus far is that you may be having erratic power drop-outs on the household circuit to which the machine is connected. Or maybe the power plug is loose in the socket? Or the power cord is damaged, has a broken wire internally? Check the circuit, wall outlet, and machine's power cord into the console.


For your reference, Diagnostic Mode on IWL models can be engaged while a cycle is running. Machine Status will report the target temp during fill.
After triggering Diagnostics, press and hold Lifecycle for an additional beep (then Lifecycle yet again if the display is blank). 2nd-level diagnostics gives two additional screens.
Version Status reports six parameters. Of interest is the instantaneous SmartDrive motor RPM reading. It should max-out up to 1,010 RPM for high spin speed.
The 5th screen is not labeled, gives info related to fabric sensing and water level sensing. WL I believe refers to the water level depth in the tub in millimeters, the other parameters are mysteriously cryptic (except to F&P software engineers).
Press Power once to exit back to normal operation display, the running cycle will not be interrupted.

While in Diagnostics, press (and hold) How Dirty Up to run the hot water valve.
How Dirty Down for cold.
Fabric Care (press, don't hold) toggles the pump on/off.
Home button toggles the diverter valve on/off for testing ... Machine Status screen will report Heating, then On ... or Cooling, then Off. Diverter On + Pump On (with water in the tub) = recirculation. Diverter Off + Pump On = drain.

When the display is blank in Diagnostics, press Options Down for Control Options screen, then:
- Home button toggles Restart -- when enabled (highlighted, default) the machine will automatically "restart" (potentially several times) when a fault occurs in an attempt to recover from the condition; when disabled (not highlighted), the machine will stop immediately when a fault occurs.
- Options Up button manually toggles Hot Tub -- this software flag prevents spin faster than medium speed and is "set" by the control board each time a hot or warm wash fill occurs, and auto-resets after a cold rinse.
- Adjust button toggles Recycle mode -- when enabled (normally is not) and a cycle is run, the machine will continually repeat the cycle from start to finish until manually shut off, for purpose of troubleshooting faults/malfunctions that are erratic.

Machine size is set via Fabric Care + Power. Adjust button to select size, Power to exit & save.

For fun ... Start + Power engages Demonstration Mode. All the lights flash and an information scroll runs over the display at repeated intervals. Cycles and options can be selected but the machine cannot be started for safety purposes in a store display.
Press/hold How Dirty Up to play a tune. Press/hold Fabric Care (for a 2nd beep), then How Dirty Up again for a different tune. There are two or three tunes (if How Dirty Up tops-out from repeated presses, crank the indicator back down with How Dirty Down to continue playing).
NOTE -- Pressing Power shuts the machine off but Demo mode remains active (again, for safety purposes) ... UNPLUG the cord for 15 seconds to reset Demo mode.

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Thank you so much for the information. My DH has gone to work but will study this when he gets home tonight. This is a quandary. I absolutely LOVE this washer. It is 6/7 years old and works great (except for this recent puzzle). About three

About 3 years ago the circuit board was replaced. It was done under warranty by Lowes. I have never had any other issues until this recent glitch. We are going to ask the power company to check the main feed to the house just to make sure that there isn't a problem there. (Our neighbor's main feed was trounced by Katrina). However, we don't have any other evidence that the main power feed could be a problem so ?????

I will keep you posted if my DH discovers anything else tonight.

Thank you for you help.

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Dadoes -

Thank you for your help. My washer is behaving itself perfectly so it just may be that there was a power blip.

One thing that is for sure about this F&P washing machine is that it REALLY cleans clothes!!!!! It has never been "smelly", it takes good care of our clothes, and I love it. I am going to try my best to keep it going. I am NOT HAPPY about the "new and improved" choices on the market.

I am going to start researching "service" options in our area and my husband (engineer) is going to start researching the service manual.


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