Ariel, FOCA, Roma and other Mexican detergents

i_dig_itMay 1, 2009

What can you tell me about these detergents. What are the ingredients, are they HE compatible?

I went to the local Mexican store to check these out, but since I can't read Spanish, I was not able to decipher what the bags had printed on them regarding ingredients and washing instructions.

It seemed there were two, maybe three different kinds of Ariel, as I noticed one bag had something saying Oxi something on it, so I am assuming that one had an Oxi-type bleach in it.

If anyone has used any of these detergents, tell us your thoughts on them and if possible the ingredients.



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I think they all have phosphates in them if that's what you're looking for. I asked about them earlier here. I would think they are HE compatible, just don't use very much of it.
Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Foca, Roma info

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We switched over to FOCA in our top loader a few months ago. It suds up quite a bit, but the rinse water is clean so it rinses out well. I have also used it in a FL machine with a reduced dose and with an extra rinse the rinse is clean as well.
We had some items that had stains in them like some cotton curtains and some old white countertop appliance covers. We washed them using Persil and some stains would never come out. We used FOCA and they look like new.
We love the scent of FOCA, very minimal and smells just clean, not like some fruit punch bowl. I feel this is how laundry is susposed to smell.
We find it at Walmart for $3.22(USD) for a bag that lasts us about 5 months. You certainly can't complain about the price!

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I've used Ariel. It's made by Procter and Gamble and is top of the line in Mexico. It is a very sudsy and strong smelling detergent. I've used it in my FL with varying results. It just won't work with towels and washcloths, at least mine. It foamed up like crazy and I hard time getting it rinsed out. It worked fine on things like jeans and play clothes. The phosphates in it make it great for those kind of clothes and the cleaning power is noticeably better than detergents without phosphates. I used to buy it at any one of the local Mexian markets.


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I was able to buy the Ariel here in South Louisiana. You are right about the smell, it is strong. It reminds me of those nasty violet candies.

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