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IbewyeSeptember 19, 2013

I've decided to install the pex tubing for my radiant floor heating system in my new home, to be clear-a contractor is going to make all the connections and plumb in valves, headers, etc. I'm just doing the tubing. After alot of searching it seems as if there's a huge divide in regards to the use aluminum heat transfer plates. It seems to be agreed that they do improve efficiency and make a difference but a varied opinion on whether you'll notice or have any problems without them. I'm hoping for any suggestions that would help make a decisions. I live in northeast, will be heating with geothermal heat pumps at 120 degrees, upstairs will be under carpet. 1st floor a combo of carpet and hardwood.
Also trying to determine the best method for new construction, I'm planning on attaching to sub-floor from underneath but I read about the "sandwich" method which seems easier to laydown but labor intensive and expansivene due to the keepers that would have to be installed. Also the thought if installing a floor over top terrified me.

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Have you considered a concrete pour on every floor with embedded pex? IâÂÂve seen amazing projects done this way. It can also be part of a hydronic cooling system as well - very efficient!


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I would suggest that you get a set of plans to "Warmboard". They will do a complete lay-out of their product for your home. It seems to be the preferred AL faced product with the pros these days and from those I've spoken with has given excellent results. The advantage of plates is response time, evenness of heat and to me that spells comfort. For the residence, the light weight pour, while a traditional favorite suffers from slower response time given the need to heat the mass. You end up with greater lead/lag issues with it compared to plates..

This is the part of the system you can't change once it is in. The boiler, controls, all those things can be manipulated or changed. Once your floor is in, it is...in. Bite the bullet and get the best system you can.

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