Tide stain release powder

kebc77May 9, 2011

I've been using Sears Free powdered det. for the past couple years in our Kenmore He2t. It works fine for routine dirt, but sometimes things that are extra dirty don't come completely clean (when hubby plays soccer in the mud, for ex.). I tried the Tide Stain release and like it enough to keep using it on those extra dirty loads, but I looked for it today at the store (Meijer) and didn't see the powdered version. They had the dual packs, liquid and spray, but no powder. I still see it listed on Tide's website, though. Does anyone know if P&G is phasing it out?

And--as a related question, I had switched to Sears detergent from Tide b/c I think it rinses more cleanly, costs much less and for most routine laundry, gets the job done. For people who use Tide, do you find that it gets most stains out without an additional stain removal product? I could justify the extra cost more easily if this is the case.


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Try the new Tide with Bleach HE Powder. Great cleaning and great clean scent.

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One issue I have with Tide is rinsing. I use Sears detergent and I think it rinses very cleanly. I used to use Tide HE liquid and in my experience it creates a lot more suds and it doesn't rinse as well. I am very pleased with Sears Ultra Plus' cleaning ability. I don't think that Tide is better for getting stains out. You may want to try using warmer temp washes and/or increasing the cycle length on those extra dirty loads. Sometimes the longer wash time and higher temp will make a bigger difference than switching detergents.

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I have no issues with rinsing tide out. Also I find when i use it, I dont need any other additives, they do not enhance the cleaning performance in my wash. I love most tide products, Tide with bleach and Total care are my favorite

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