A very reasonable priced washer/dryer work surface project

handymanhusbandMay 2, 2010

I found a very interesting and very reasonable alternative. I bought a resin folding table from STAPLES @ $48 dollars. This table is 5ft by 30in and fits perfectly on top of my Kenmore Elite washer and Dryer. I did not have to remove the table legs at all. I could actually still use it as a table if I need to in the future. To protect the washer/dryer surface from scratching I placed a rubber liner I found at Lowes. The installation was amazingly easy. I did not have to cut/remove any piece, and the liner roll was also the exact size.Â

I took pictures of this $50+ solution, I can e-mail them to anybody interested. The resin table is very sturdy and supposedly scratch and stain resistant. I don't know if you can iron on top of it, but we plan to add an iron matt on top of it, just to make sure.

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Nice article. Do you know how to post pictures here, in this thread? Thanks.

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Could you please send me a photo of your table/workspace for washer and dryer? Thanks.

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me too unless you post them on here first. Sounds like a good solution.

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