Miele W4842 (maybe all TLs) question - washing small items

CavimumMay 18, 2011

Our first FL machine and still tackling the learning curve.

Today's load of laundry included some of those thin low-cut socks that runners/golfers/tennis players wear. When the machine was finished, one of those socks was sitting on the rubber gasket, soaking wet. It was too small to get grabbed by other things while getting tumbled about, and pulled back into the load.

Do you put them all in a mesh laundry bag?

What do people do with little babies' socks?

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Yes, this does occasionally happens, but on the W 4842 they actually turned the glass portal door slant 180 degrees opposite of the early W 48XXs to help prevent such a thing. What settings did you use for the wash cycle?

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@fahrenheit451 - I used Wrinkle-Free setting, my favorite for medium/small loads, because the rinse has so much water in it.

Now I'm wondering if it floated over to the gasket . . . ?

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@cavimum, I've had my 4842 since early Feb and what you've described has never happened to me. I have two small children so their socks are smaller.

I had a Frigidaire FL for 10 years before that and never once did it happen - not even with baby socks.

I have noticed if I don't put enough in the dryer some items will get sucked into the "vent" area from all the air movement.

Maybe it was a fluke?

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Used to happen ALL the time with my Miele W4840 and will happen too with my W4842 if I do have small socks (especially when my son was a baby).

If the load is small, it seemed to happen more. I would wash small baby socks in a mesh lingerie bag. They would never get stuck this way.

The 2 times I briefly strayed from Miele (Samsung & Electrolux)...small socks would once in a while, also get stuck.

Now that I try and run fuller loads, it does not happen.

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