fisher/paykal washer

joe_mnMay 13, 2011

washed a beat up rug and the rubber backing shredded and plugged outlet elbow. would not empty tub. turned on side and felt rubber elbow. it was hard. took it off and full of crud. cleaned it out. seemed to pump out fine but tub would not spin dry at full speed. think unit is 10yrs old. ecosmart. not sure of model. went thru a bunch of different cycles. regular, perm press, gentle. does wash cycle fine. will empty wash water. gets to final high rpm rinse and spins up 1/2 speed and shuts off. all 4 suspension cords are tight. drum seems evenly balanced during wash. try unplugging for awhile?

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The EcoSmart name includes several model changes from GWL10 to the current. All are largely identical mechanically, but some differences in a few components and electrical design.

Although the machine spins during the "rinse" phase, the final spin is a separate function. It goes to full 1010 RPM only during the final spin period. The various spins during the Rinse phase are 25, 300, and 670 RPM.

Typically there are error/fault codes involved during malfunctions. Does the machine completely power off, or does it stop spinning with some lights flashing on the panel?

If your model is a GWL10, the electrical design has main power going through the pump. The pump has thermal overheat protection. If debris from the rug is clogging the pump, dragging on the impeller, it could overheat and shut off (coincidental at about 1/2 full spin speed), which makes the machine effectively dead until the thermal protector cools and resets.

Try running the pump for a few mins in Diagnostic Mode to see if it stays running or shuts off (which it should not). Or pull the pump to check/clear it of any debris. Do not remove the pump mounting bracket. Disconnect the wires. Find a plastic latch on the bracket, hold it released, rotate the entire pump counterclockwise, detach it from the bracket.

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after my first post, i attempted to do a wash cycle again. i hit start and let it fill a bit and than toggled thru the panel till got to the rinse selection. seemed to pump water out and than it did the high speed final rinse. maybe it was a function of cooling down the unit like you say. so i have not attempted to wash a load of clothes yet. will keep you updated.

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