Hobart for 125 - worth a gamble?

agmss15June 18, 2014

So I saw a small commercial stand mixer a couple of weeks ago. It was not up for sale at that point. Now it is. I did not do anything practical like note the model. It is big but smaller than most commercial mixers I have seen. Is this just overkill for a home kitchen? With the woodworking I have come to respect decent motors. Is it worth a chance at that price? I am going to the sale Friday am - first come first choice -so it will probably be snapped up. What do you think?.

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beachlily z9a

Agmss you might be looking at a N50 Hobart--it looks like a Kitchenaid on steroids. New, they are in the $2,000 range. A couple of years ago hubs bought one for me for Christmas. It has been a pain! It's been rebuilt 3 times. Seems like it may have been sabotaged at the factory. It's a strong machine and a workhorse when it's working, which mine is now. For $125, I would take a shot at it. I like machines and motors, too.

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I am not a total believer of old machines are more reliable.

My reasoning is a little too complicated technically and logically to post here.

You mentioned the motor, for instance:

1. Universal A/C D/C motors are typically used in mixers. Longevity of this type of motor can depend on how the carbon brushes are seated when first used. The same motor, some will last very long, and some not.

2. You will only see the ones which survived, and very few survived.

3. There was no user reviews for unhappy users in the old days. You are not going to find bad reviews from old unhappy users.

4. Old appliances are made not too many. Let's say 100,000 units made, today, everyone buys everything, lets say 1,000,000 units made, you will have ten times more complains, and you will hear about complains with internet.


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Using the model number that beachlilly provided I did a quick ebay search of sold listings and I would snap that thing up as long as it's working. A beat up one on ebay sold for 134.00. I mean extremely beat up. The better looking models are selling for $400 and it goes up from there. If you end up not using it, I believe you will get your money back and then some. Some in very good condition have sold for over $1000.00.

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If you do end up buying it and decide to overhaul it, there are some goods posts on FreshLoaf. This is one, but it refer to others, and you can also search for rebuild N50 and find more. http://www.thefreshloaf.com/node/24332/hobart-n50-restoration-experience

Here is a link that might be useful: fresh loaf

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Unless you need something that large, I would not recommend buying it. Do you have the space to store it? They are not that easy to move, and so wherever you put it, it should probably stay put. It might look even larger when you get it home. I personally would not use one at home because I do not make large quantities. I did use one at the restaurant where I worked, and it was great for that, but I have never wanted one for my home.

How much does it weigh? Exactly how big is it? What will you be making in it and how often? Overkill is not a good thing, if that is what it will end up being. OTOH, you can probably resell it if you decide that you do not want to keep it, providing it is in decent condition. Have you seen it plugged in and running?


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I agree with Lars.

The thing needs a permanent space to park in your kitchen.

It is almost 70 lbs.


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I would be tempted to buy it if I knew that it was in good working condition.

My Kitchenaid is over 35 years old and is a Hobart and if and when it dies I will be looking for another vintage Hobart to replace it.


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Hey, I'd risk $125. I have one (an N50) and it is a powerhouse. (Got if for around $250 when a nursing home went out of business and all the equipment was being auctioned off.)

The advantage is that they can be easily serviced by your local Hobart service center. There's one about 30 miles from me, and the service rates last time I checked was $69 an hour. So even if you have to spend a little to restore it, you might have for a few hundred dollars a machine that would have cost many times that.

But as others noted, it is a beast. Quite heavy. OTOH, it won't waltz across the countertop like my KA.

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beachlily z9a

Storing and using an N-50 isn't beyond the pale. Although I have a 9x11 ft kitchen, my Hobart sits on the countertop between the refrigerator and the stove. I can pull it toward me when I use it and push it back when finished. Plenty of room around it for supplies and tools. And no, it doesn't waltz across the countertop nor does it grunt. It's really strong and the workman-like sound it makes is original to the Hobart.

Good luck!

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DH would not let me not get this. He loves those old machines. I would then have a serious look at these, for inspiration. ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom painted mixers

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beachlily z9a

Well, my Hobart is out of warranty. I love those wildly painted ones, but I would really settle for red/white/blue stars and stripes. Hubs sorta agreed--this is dangerous!! We live in an area that has a lot of motorcycle interest. Surely one of those painters wouldn't mind doing a mixer.

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So Agmss let us know--didja get it?

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Well you all basically had my debate - overkill - great price - unknown condition - worth fixing -resale value - I still hadn't decided. However we got to the sale at 8:10 and it was taken. We had brought along my unwilling 8 yr old niece. Ah well. The mixer was an A200. Some state or local agency (state salvage sale) was dismantling a kitchen. Other commercial kitchen stuff barely used. Very mildly disappointed.

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