Front load for laundry closet with washer hook up on right

cloud_swiftMay 3, 2013

Hi, I've wandered over here from the kitchen and cooking forums to help my son and daughter-in-law with a problem.

They just bought a house which has a laundry closet off the hallway. They bought an LG pair which Home Depot said would work, but the pair is 30" deep and there is only 32" between the wall and the accordion door so not enough room for the drier vent to go behind the dryer.

Also, the water hook up is on the right and the dryer electrical and vent hook up are on the left. If the washer is on the right, the doors of the washer and dryer open toward each other and are in the way.

The pair could possibly be installed reversed with the vent brought into the side rather than back of the drier since the vent is in the wall near the middle of the closet and the closet is wide enough that the vent pipe could go between the drier and the washer. However, the right side of the floor is sloped to a drain in case of a leak and the left isn't. Also, we feel it would be awkward to have 5" or so between the washer and dryer for the pipe.

One possibility is Miele which has a washer door that opens to the right and the pair is 22 1/2" deep so it should fit easily. It doesn't have the steam option, but none of us have had a washer with steam before. If you have it, do you find it very useful?

Also, the Miele pair being smaller probably has less capacity but we haven't been able to find out how much smaller - they have a family of 3 right now.

Any suggestions?
Other right opening washers?
Feedback on the Miele pair?

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The Miele washers are 2.5 cu.ft. Enough to handle the laundry of a family of three excluding king-size comforters.

Electrolux makes washers with a reversible door. AjMadison lists them at 31.5 inches in depth.

There are long hoses and cords attached to these appliances to reach water and power outlets even if not directly behind the appliance.

You may want to try looking into telescopic dryer vents. These reach from the dryer to the duct behind the washer and require little clearance. The ones I found will, however, still need the dryer to be three inches away from the wall.


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