Best Top Loader with Internal Heater?

Mrs_NyefnyefMay 11, 2013

My home came with a washing machine that does not have an internal heater. I want to replace it with one that does have an internal heater. I have two requirements: it must be a top loader (please do not try to convince me to get a front loader, my mind is made up), and I don't want it to be made by any of the Whirlpool companies (have one now and it's been a lot of problems). I see on ajmadison website that GE, LG, and Samsung all make top loaders with internal heaters. Anyone know which of these would be best, and/or which has the more powerful heater? TIA!

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They all are limited to 900 to 1.000 watts heaters.

- The Samsungs will probably just heat on Sanitary.
- The LGs on Sanitary and Bright Whites.
- The GEs are too new to tell. There is a Sani cyle and a steam option but it's only supposed to add vapor at the start of the cycle.

Between those, I'd probably go for Samsung... or GE. Besides consumer reviews, here are some more in-depth reviews I could find:


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IInternal heaters that use standard 110v outlets are really better suited to front loaders than top loaders because of the much smaller amounts of water FL's use in the wash cycle. Anyone who has ever boiled a large pot of water knows that it takes a lot of energy and a long time to heat a big volume of water. So you will probably see very long cycle times in a 110v TL when high temperatures are needed.

I'm a little surprised by the fact that the TL's Alex mentioned don't use their heaters to maintain water temp in cycles that need warm water, which would be much easier for a 1000 watt heater to handle. Perhaps that increased cycle times more than people would want.

I think people are going to be unpleasantly surprised by the relatively small utility they get from an on board water heater in a 110v TL.

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Agreed. I suspect you would be better off with a traditional top loader than one of the HE offerings.


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I'm a little surprised by the fact that the TL's Alex mentioned don't use their heaters to maintain water temp in cycles that need warm water.

The TOL Whirlpool/Maytags have the option to activate the heater on any cycle but those are off her list.

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I had a LG HE TL with a internal heater . It struggles to heat the water up even on bright whites and a temp of 120-130 degree's, If it did get to that temperature, it was only for the last few minutes of the wash cycle. My hot water heater was turned up to 140 degrees, Id always have to bleed off the water in the pipes before starting the cycle. the sanitary cycle go to 140 at best, not the 160 Lg claimed it would do when the Wave force washer first came out. Also it cant balance a load of clothes worth a crap either. I got rid of it after two years and bought a speed queen washer that is much better. Ive used the samsung He TL too, its not better than the LG. My old he3t kenmore FL was the bomb! too bad it wore itself out and I had to replace it after 10 years, it was the best!

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