Is evap coil made of copper?

cindywhitallSeptember 19, 2012

I was told to take my lineset to the scrapyard myself because of high copper scrap prices. I did verify that it is up to $3.00-$3.20/lb my local yards. I have approx 70 feet (35 each way) which from what I'm told and have read is about 20-30 pounds. The yard is 6 miles away so totally worth it.

A poster on this forum told me he got $150 for his lines and coil. That was a couple months ago,when copper was lower price. I dont know how many feet his lines were.He says the coil is made of copper and obviously they will be removing it as I'm getting the whole new system. I don't know the ac or coil models off hand. The ac was a Lennox from 1996, 10 seer or so. The furnace was a g26.

Is it likly the coil has a good amount of copper? Will it be a big deal for the installers to leave me the coil? They are not subs, this company uses their own employees if that matters.

I don't want to take apart everything, but the person told me they just took the coil and the tubing without taking anything apart. Seems easy enough!

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copper lines go through aluminum fins.

I think that you get one price for 'pure'
copper and another price for the copper/aluminim
mixed parts. don't quote me on that.

not too hard to sawsall the ends off but
a pita to get the rest apart.

one of the hvac companies here has
a guy in slow periods that scraps all the
stuff they've removed & they have a crawfish

wouldn't be anything I'd spend my time on
and I'm a pretty handy gal & have lots of tools.

best of luck.

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Thanks, is the coil itself normally removed as a separate piece or am I asking a lot for them to leave it? I don't mind taking it to the scrapyard with the tubing to see what I can get. Worst case is that I get very little for it (in one piece). I have no intention of trying to separate the coil metals! Just throw in the back of the suv, and off I go.

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When my folks had their 5-ton coil replaced, it came out in one large piece. Heavy/awkward enough for a 2-person lift.

You're getting all-new equipment, right? Then they may not be taking the coil out separately from the blower.

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