Gray residue when washing pillows?

izeveMay 16, 2011

I washed two king size polyester filled pillows in my LG FL (4.2 ft) this past weekend and when the cycle finished, the entire rubber seal around the washer door as well the glass on the door were covered in strange gray residue. It was the same color as the rubber seal and looked like tiny uniform gray particles suspended in water(not slimey). Some of it rubbed off on the surface of the pillows but came off easily leaving no trace and the pillows were clean otherwise. I washed the pillows on Bulky/Hot/Extra Rinse/Water Plus using Green Works liquid detergent.

I wiped the seal and the glass door very carefully before my next wash and the residue did not reappear (I ran 4 or 5 washes after that at different temps from Warm to Sanitary, using either Vaska or Dixan).

Any idea what this residue could have been???

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Your pillows may have rubbed against the rubber gasket while spinning, creating small rubber shavings that might resemble residue.

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sshrivastava, you may be right although I thought about that when I saw the residue and inspected the rubber seal as well as the pillows - there was no visible or detectable damage anywhere. I guess if it happens again I will call for service. I washed another load last night and for now things seem to be fine

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