Costco Whirlpool Deal or a Speed Queen?

mk_1May 31, 2007

My washing machine is now leaking again. I repaired it last year for $130 (same problem). The washing machine is an old Maytag and it could be 20-28 years old. It was my mom's before they gave it to me. It's at least 20 years old. I don't want to repair it again. I also just want a basic washer not a front loader.

I have been looking at either a Whirlpool from Costco or a Speed Queen. I hear lots of good things about Speed Queens in terms of being a long-lasting quality product. But I have not heard much about how they perform though. Are they gentle on clothes? Do they extract water properly at the end of they cycle? etc?

Here is a deal I am considering at Costco:

$50 OFF

Whirlpool Washer

Super Capacity

3.2 CuFt 8 Cycles

Super Capacity Porcelain Basket

SpillGuard Top

3 Temperature Selections


Item # 133030

Shipping & Handling included as well as a two year in-home warranty.

$50 coupon reflected in price.

Valid May 11, 2007 through July 8, 2007

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Between these two, and they're both good washers, I'd go Speed Queen but only if I had a good service dept. in the area. When I looked at Speed Queen no service group I spoke with wanted to service them, though this was likely due to them not being very typical in my particular area. To me they appear to be top-notch machines.

Whirlpools are good machines for the price and service can be had by about anyone.
But don't overlook Fisher Paykel either. We just bought the GWL15 and it is fantastic and is likely a long-lived machine too. And I've never seen any washer that is smoother during its spin cycle than the GWL15, and it is definitely more efficient than the Speed Queen or Whirlpool. We got ours for $530.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your note...any Speed Queen users out there?

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I don't have one but my sister does and she likes it better than any washer she has ever had. Stainless Steel tub, very large capacity,and a faster spin than Whirlpool. They also have a Full 3 years warranty-parts and labor. My sister had always had Kenmore/Whirpool machines till she got this Speed Queen--so she is comparing it to those and likes it much better.

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I have a Speed Queen laundry pair and I LOVE THEM. I wouldn't buy anything else.

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Speed Queen topload washers and matching dryers.

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kenmorewasher and washerman8---which model Speed Queen do you have? Just yesterday I found out they are still sold locally. I am really liking their reliability/warrenties.

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I have a topload washer (model ASW52) and matching dryer (model AES68). I hope this set last me the rest of my life. I can't imagine buying anything that is being made today with all the plastic parts and dumbdowned water temps.

The washer washes very well. Clothes come out very clean and final spin cycle is good although I think 5.5 minutes is too short. I'm use to the 10 minute final spin I had on my Maytag SAV washer that only lasted me almost 2 years.

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washerman8, your SQ has a mechanical timer, yes? If you want a 10 min spin, reset the timer for a 2nd pass.

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washerman8---your SQ AWS52 has been replaced with #AWS51NW. The differences I find from their spec sheets is the Water Temperture Selections is now 3 (instead of 4)---in fact all 4 SQ TLers are now at 3. The other difference is the water use is now 36.1 gallons instead of 39.1 gallons.

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For heavy items such as towels and jeans, I usually do.

The new models have dumddowned water temps I believe. You might want to check on that.

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So, is the consensus here also that there's no problem obtaining service or parts for Speed Queen in your area? How would one determine if it's a problem locally? I don't think I've ever seen one ad selling SQ and I'm in a huge city, Atlanta, GA.

(Sorry to butt in but I will have this question about Speed Queen before long, I fear, as my washer is not happy.)

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mk 1---My Speed Queen is coming tomorrow--I've never owned one but these TLers don't have expensive computer boards to contend with. Look in "Help...Should I cancell Kenmore washer and dryer order?" post to see my model AWS44NW info.

Pinktoes (such a cute nick)---I bought locally and they also service Speed Queens. Go to to check on dealers in the Atlanta area. The 2 in my area are both independant stores.
Also this is the same store I bought my 1992 GE last model TL made with the top lint filter. All the TL today have the so called self cleaning lint screens which means the lint may one day clog up our drain field. We live in the country and DH dug a separete drain field just for the washing machine and kitchen drain.

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