Help with a new washer!

newkitchen10May 2, 2012

I need a machine and am lost as to what to purchase. I purchased a GE FL model WCVH6800 two years ago and have been very unhappy with it from the start. Not only did the machine constantly smell even though I consistently left the door opened, cleaned the pump and basket regularly and washed it out with bleach quite often but the machine was ridiculously slow! Then after one year the shocks went on the machine and now the bearings are gone and the warranty company is giving me back the full purchase price to go buy a new machine.

I would really appreciate some help- if you have anything to add about a good or bad machine please let me know. I am not even sure whether of not to get a TL or FL- I am leaning toward a TL only because the GE was such a nightmare. I have three children who are away at school but when they are home we have a lot of laundry. Thanks so much!!!!

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I'm interested to know too! I'm more interested in a good TL though, for the same reasons you mentioned.

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I'd go back to TL's the day I decide to go back to black and white television. Don't let a lousy washer sour you on FL's. My FL smells fine after 6 months. I dry the gasket and upend the soap dispenser to remove excess water. My Samsung gets clothes so much cleaner than our top loader, and it uses a heck of a lot less soap and water. Also, a FL dries the clothes more during final spin.

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