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buckieepMay 29, 2012

GWL10US gets to the rinse cycle and stops - won't drain, and beeps every sec. Ran the diagnostics and there is no fault code in level 3. WHY can't I find a FULL Service Manual ANYWHERE??? So frustrating. Any help is much appreciated!

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If the pump is running and it won't drain, then you have a problem with the diverter valve being stuck in recirculate mode ... it's either broken/faulty, or clogged with debris.

Also possible that the control board is gone bad and is energizing the diverter continuously, as long as the machine is plugged-in to power. The diverter energizes for recirculation, de-energizes for drain.

Try this: Unplug the machine for 5 to 10 mins. If the control board is at fault, this will allow the diverter to cool and shift back to drain mode. Then plug the machine back in and VERY QUICKLY select the Regular cycle, advance it to the Final Spin, and press Start. If it drains for a short while, one minute or so, then goes back to recirculation, that's an indication the control board may be bad. It it still doesn't drain, then examine the diverter.

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