Miele 4842: Onboard water heater and size of load Qs

dianepattersonMay 24, 2011

I've been reading lots and lots of threads about my new washer (which I like very, very much) and I have two questions:

1. Many of the threads talk about not using the "Normal" setting because that just uses water straight from the tap, the temperature of which can change depending on seasons, etc. Instead, we should use the Custom settings. Or is that "custom" settings? Do all of the non-Normal settings on the Miele (not only the Custom menu, but the MasterCare subsettings, Wrinkle Free, Sanitize, etc.) use the onboard water heater? Or is it ONLY the actual Custom menu?

(I'm assuming it must be all of the "custom" settings, but I want to be sure.)

2. The 4842 drum is huge, but I'm always worried that I'm putting too many clothes in. Where do you stop? Is two-thirds the best/most effective/safest?

I paid a lot of money for these machines, want to make sure I'm using them right. Thanks for any help.

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The normal program is the only one that will never use the heater. It will fill with hot water it just won't maintain the temp during the wash or be able to boost the temp to sanitize temps. If I'm not mistaking because of this it won't let you select sanitize with the normal program. My understanding is the normal program is a energy friendly setting as it won't use the heater. The custom program is the best substitute for normal where maintaining or boosting water temps is desired, no restriction with that program.

As for drum capacity I fill it full. I'll check back later to make sure once the load has saturated the laundry has compacted so ther is some room at the top of the drum, works great. However I tried to wash a comforter that was to big and the laundry push-back flap rubbed a hole in it, my bad. It's the little gray rubber flap at the top of the drum (part of the door boot ). It's intended to toss items back in the drum during spin but when there is no more room to do that things will rub against it. Just beware.

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Yes. Only in the Normal setting the heater will not be used.

I think there was a lot of "hullabaloo" about the no heater on this forum.

I use this program all the time for regular loads (like my kids' clothes). I do most of them on warm and find it more than adequate for cleaning. I also find Normal uses a more aggressive tumble action for cleaning.

I mean, you're not going to wash everything on sanitize so why wouldn't "normal" be acceptable for some washing?

I rarely (if ever??) use custom. I use most often; Normal, Extra White, Comforters, Wrinkle Free. I have used; Woolens, Delicates, Express.

I use the sensitive setting for almost all loads (this gives an extra rinse to remove detergent residue).

My favorite feature is the delay start. I often set up loads that take close to 2 hours (ie. extra white, prewash, sensitive) at night. When I wake up they are freshly washed and ready for the dryer - I LOVE that :)

The only setting I didn't love was for dress shirts. I do my husband's shirts on wrinkle free.

If you read your owner's manual - there are several comments on how to load your drum properly. Some are:

- Load the laundry loosely into the drum. For best results, wash mixed loads of small and large items. This will improve washing effectiveness and help distribute the load evenly.

- Do not overload the washer. The energy and water consumption will be most energy efficient.

- Use the "Express" program for small loads.

- "Full size" comforters up to 84" x 88" / 213 x 224 cm can be washed.

- Fill the drum only 3/4 of the way. Items need room to move otherwise they might get caught in the drum door seal.

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