Bryant AC comparison help

j1stealthSeptember 17, 2013

Hi All,
I have a couple of questions regard to noise and size.
I have checked with my contractor
Bryant 113A - legacy line
Quietness = 76 dB (as low as)
Dimension = 31"x31"x32"

Bryant 126B - preferred line
Quietness = 72 dB (as low as)
Dimension =35"x35"x50"

Bryant 186b = evolution line
Quietness = 68 dB (as low as)
Dimension =35"x35"x50"

The unit needs to be placed close to our breakfast nook window. We prefer the 126b/186b for quietness but the size is big. that's the reason we are looking into the legacy line with has a smaller foot print and 18" shorter. However, it has higher noise level.
Can someone with experience provide some feedback on how loud the unit is? if we are inside and next to it, can we hear it pretty loud for the 113a (legacy verion)?

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Paired with what model furnace? Be specific.

Makes a big difference.

Post back.


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Hi tigerdunes,
it will pair with
My current furnace is the following:
Brand = Bryant
Model = 310JAV066110AAJA 5 ton unit


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The Bryant 310JAV furnace is a low end entry level furnace 80% efficient. It has a conventional blower motor. You can not pair a high eff AC condenser with a conventional furnace like you have.

If you are intent on using existing furnace which BTW is most likely oversized, then stick with 113A Legacy model or 123A Preferred model, correctly sized of course with best matching "ALA" evap coil to be recommended by a good dealer.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bryant 310JAV furnace specs

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HI Tigerdune,
Thanks for your reply. For the 113A model, the contractor pair it with the Bryant R410A Coil CNPHP6024ALA.
I guess this is the same "ALA" you've mentioned above.
From your experience, in terms of quietness, do you know if 76dB is too loud if placed outside next to the breakfast nook with double pane window and sliding door? I know this is very subjective but I have no clue for this sound. Thanks for your opinions!

Thanks for all your help.

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Tough to say about noise because everyone's sensitivity varies.

I can't recall. Are you adding AC or is this a replacement condenser/evap coil?

I have a Trane that is rated at 74db. It sits outside a spare bedroom and I can't hear it. When outside in back yard, I can hear my neigbbor's condenser running over the noise from my condenser.

If noise is a big issue, I would go with the 123a, a much nicer cabinet and full coil protection. Difference in cost should not be more than $500. It is a better model.


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Thanks for your reply.
Yes the AC is a new install. The contract gave me a quote for 126b for about $500 more (not sure the big difference between 126b and 123a.. both are same line).

The issue is our area is limited and we don't want such big/high unit:
the 113a is 31"x31"x32"
the 126b is 35"35"x50"
I guess we need to back and try to visual to see if we can tolerate the size / noise.
thanks so much.

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The high eff AC condensers carry a larger footprint. The 126a is really a waste of money. Get the price and dimensional size of the 123. That Mdl would be my recommendation.


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I found an old data sheet on the 5 ton 123.


Of course should be verified with dealer.


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Hi Tiger,
I checked with my contractor and he said that the distributor carry only 123a or 126b and his distributor carries 126b.
By the way, do you know anything about sound blanket or some better cover to reduce sound?

Also, how is the 116 model? Do you have any experience with it?

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Turns out much of the noise entering my home was transferred through the ceiling. Once the insulation was added all I heard was a low hum(old system). I NOW have a 113a and can't hear it at all, however that's with only one standard double pane casement window.

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