fisher and paykel model GWL 11

WRFoleyMay 22, 2012

My fisher and paykel washing machine, model GWL 11 is about six years old. It was struggling in the rinse cycle and eventually there was an electric smell. Soon after the machine completely powered off. Do I have it fixed or is this a serious problem and should buy another. Thanks

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Too little information to tell. "Electric smell" (especially from cyber-distance -- and I'm assuming burning electrical smell) could be anything from a simple fried-off connection (el cheapo to fix) to a toasted motor or control board. (serious money)

If you're not Joe Handy, you'll have to pay someone to diagnose before you know.

In any event, would strongly suggest unplugging the machine and not using it until you're in a better place.

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99.999% probability the pump shorted-out from leaking and zapped the controller board. Repair can be done but is expensive with the board involved.

Look under the machine at the pump ... a small electric motor with a cooling fan, mounted to bottom of the tub toward the right side ... for evidence of leaking -- rusting and mineral deposits.

Replacement pump is part number 420325P, runs $109 at or $139 at

Control board is part number 420094USP. $133 @ Sears or $189 @ the other source.

Parts can sometimes be found on eBay.

Replacement pumps (and replacement control boards) now include a retrofit fuse that is spliced into a pump wire in the console to help protect the board.

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Thinking upstream for just a moment.....might make sure it isn't something as simple as the power cord itself or the outlet. I've been embarrassed more than once by assuming big problem when it was little.

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I actually have a GWL10 version, not sure how old but it has done great until lately.

First, thanks to all who posted to this forum to help me diagnose my problem. I had the foul odor a couple of times until the machine would not drain. Based on the forum, I replaced the pump last week and all worked fine. ... until today, the foul smell is back and I am afraid I am about to burn up the pump again! Is there something else wrong I should replace, like the controller board?

On the other hand, I don't want to sink too much money in to a worn out machine.

Thanks again for you help in the past and future!!

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Does "foul odor" mean an electrical/burning odor?

Pull off the new pump and examine it for signs of trouble.

MAKE SURE you got the correct replacement pump. GWL10 takes a special 230v pump that isn't used on any other model. The wrong 120v pump will fit but it'll get too much voltage, probably self-destruct and probably damage the controller board in the process.

Also have a look at the diverter valve for evidence of overheating, charring, etc.

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