Which backsplash tile??

lcskaisgirJanuary 20, 2014

Kitchen has several things that need to be done yet (walls & ceiling not painted yet, recessed light trim not in, corbels on island not installed, etc) but I would like to pick a tile so that I can pick a paint color.

I really wanted a lighter crackle tile without a sharp contrast between the white cabinets. Two of the tiles fit that mold but the third does not. Do I need the sharper contrast? And I really want a tile to add warmth, I don't want a cold kitchen.

First I think you need to see a wide shot of the kitchen to get some perspective�gray stained island, soft white perimeter cabinets, calacatta quartzite counters, and brown hardwood floors. You can see the darker tile on the wall to the right of the cooktop.

Here are the three tiles up close. Basically, the dark tile provides more contrast, is warm, and matches the darker gray in the counters, the gray crackle tile is lighter and picks up on some of the other grays in the counter, and the taupey crackle tile picks up on the beigey/taupey color in the counters (which is kind of hard to see in photos).

And a couple more shots:

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LOVE the Gray crackle

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Another vote for gray crackle!!

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robo (z6a)

Another vote for the gray crackle! The dark grey I think takes away from your gorgeous island, which is really the star as far as I'm concerned.

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I like the gray crackle, it's gorgeous!

Edited to add- I did not see the larger tile in the background, just the two tiles in front.

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I like the gray crackle.

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I also would agree with the grey crackle!

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gray crackle. (your kitchen is very warm looking with the island in the gray and the wood floor, so don't worry about it looking cold) Gorgeous!

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Grey crackle
Can you share info for grey stain on island?

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It's funny how things work out. I really loved the taupey one the most on its own BEFORE I got the sample in my kitchen and was sure it was going to be fabulous. And while the photos don't accurately capture the beiges in the counter well and how that tile ties in, it probably is not the best choice. That's OK though, cuz it's the most expensive:) So that one's out!

I'm leaning toward the crackle gray, which is the consensus here it seems. To add to my confusion, I also posted this on Houzz and every single person chose the dark gray so far, go figure! Although it does tie in with the island color, I fear I would grow to hate such a dark backsplash.

fancypants, it is one of Shiloh's stain colors called Silas. And it has a black glaze.

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icskaisgir-mini-hijack...I am so excited. I ordered my soft white perimeter, silas grey with black glaze shiloh cabs just before xmas. I can't wait! It will probably be another month or so before we are ready for install though.

I like the gray crackle also, it ties in so nicely with your counter tops.

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Could you please share what manufacturer/line the gray crackle is?

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Autumn, I hope you love yours as much as I love mine! Did you get the polar white?

remodelfla, the gray crackle tile is from Tile Daily. I can't even remember how I found them at this point (I think from houzz) but that tile isn't on their website. It's actually a terrible website in my opinion. But I ended up emailing them and asking them for some samples of glossy or crackle gray subway tile and that was one that they sent me. It simply says "crackle gray" on it as far as a product name.

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lcskaisgir, no surprise that I love the grey crackle. No worry about it being cold if it is the Encore Silver. Your going to get some tiles that are taupe. Is the other taupe sample "Truffle"?
Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. I've been following your progress. I remember your "before", which I thought was a nice kitchen. This kitchen....wow. Love the island hood & your pendants. Looks like you picked the perfect color for your island and the countertops were so worth the hunt. I'll save the rest of my gushing for your reveal.

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Not the Encore....maybe even prettier than the Encore. Love the grey crackle.
Edit: gray crackle. Sometimes I spell "grey", sometimes "gray".

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remodelfla, I forgot to mention that I have another gray crackle tile from somewhere else in case you're interested. It's from a place called Subway Ceramics. It looks very similar to the one I have pictured above but is a smidge cooler of a gray.

If you want more info about it, let me know. I could take a pic and look up price info if need be.

romy, the square taupe one is the Encore silver. I tried the truffle and storm too. No luck. :( However, the gray crackle one in the photo is half the price! But it doesn't have the sparkle that Encore has. I'm waiting to hear if they have bullnose pieces or not...

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Actually remodelfia, if you're looking for gray crackle tile, I also have a couple by Sonoma that are really pretty now that I think of it, just not the right shade of gray for my kitchen.

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I'm looking for gray to light bluefish gray. I adore the look of crackle but since this is for a bathroom, I'm concerned about the moisture. I'm a no to low
maintenance kinda gal and don't know how I feel about sealing. I adore Encore ceramics but they just don't fit my budget. I'm still all over the place on this decision but we've been at a standstill for the past three years I'm at the "whatever" stage!

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Well, the one from Subway Ceramics is definitely a more blue gray. And I want to say it was less than $15/sq ft. The one I have pictured above is $15.95/sq ft. The ones from Sonoma were in the $25 range.

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Romy, I wouldn't even have noticed if you spelled gray with an e or an a! Lol! And thank you for your kind words. I am really not enjoying the backsplash hunt, I just want it to be done!!

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Thank you!

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I can't say I enjoyed the backsplash hunt either. It sounds like you've got a great selection of gray crackle tiles & the one you pictured looks perfect with your quartzite. Funny that I didn't even recognize the silver.

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My vote too will go for Gray crackle. It really looks beautiful and gorgeous. Love the backsplash color and style. Do you have a more close up picture of the backsplash? I would paint the island the same.

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I also love the gray crackle. Your kitchen is beautiful and so warm! Would you please share the details on your floor? Thank you!

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I know I will if it turns out anything like yours! Love it and I love your lighter counters with your choices. We are going dark on the perimeter to save money but if it was within budget I totally would be doing a lighter choice on both like you have. Fell in love with crackle when I saw RomyâÂÂs. Sigh.

I was thinking Polar all the way initially until I put it up to our flooring selection and it looked too stark. So, we went with the Soft White which is very similar to BM White Dove. I hope that isnâÂÂt a mistake! I take it yours is Polar?

I did get samples of a Jeffrey Court Vintage Glass field tile (before I realized we were doing a dark perimeter countertop). I think they are $12.99 a square. They have flat and beveled. I thought I would just throw that out there (as if you need another choice to think over, hehe). They are not crackled but have some shading.

I cannot wait to see your finished kitchen!

Here are the pics of that from their website. I ordered a sample of enchanted shadow, but I think mountain mist would work better.

I thought I had a snip of their color selection but I don't. They are pretty light, may not be an intense enough gray for you. Here is the link to the site:
Jeffrey Court Vintage Glass Field Tile

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Darn it, Autumn! I had forgotten that I liked a tile by Jeffrey Court, but it was in the Atlas collection in the Riverwash color. I just emailed them about a sample. I really like the tile you show above and it would probably look great with the soft white cabinets.

Regarding the cabinets, my debate was between the arctic white and polar white. I chose the polar white because I wanted "white white" and the arctic was a little too stark for me and the polar was still white without looking cream. It's funny how different colors look differently in each person's house. And I love the idea of doing a dark perimeter counter. I went back and forth about that forever! What counters are you thinking about so far?

mom2sulu, we had our floors refinished about 5 years ago because of some water damage from a leak in the water line of our fridge. So we did not have them redone with the kitchen remodel. They are oak. As for the color, the floor guy used min wax stainâ¦he mixed some red mahogany with the dark walnut color. I really wanted it stained darker but he HIGHLY recommended not going any darker (for what reason I don't know). I still wish it was a tad darker and maybe a little less red.

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Gray crackle all the way!

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Ack - arctic was so WHITE and polar was still whiter than I thought. I will admit I had sweaty palms when I placed the order (over the white and the drawer glides). But everytime I looked at it it was too bright but in my mind I thought Polar is it from all the pictures I saw of it in other spaces.

We are likely going with a leathered black on the perimeter and then I am debating "Alaska White "or "Blue Flower" for the island. I like the calcutta though and the super white quartzites. Just out of reach for us. I don't want to continue muddying up your thread - here is a link to one I started with my granite choice pics: Autumn4 Granite Backsplash Thread

The gray crackle looks great! Now I have to go and check the JC tile you mentioned for my own purposes. ;)

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Oooohhh, I remember seeing your thread! I like both those counter choices. Does one look better with the gray cabinet? You are putting a different counter on the soft white cabinets, correct? I will try and follow that thread...

And now I see another tile I need to considerâ¦the Melange blend in gray!

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Thanks for sharing your floor information. I think they are gorgeous...and look perfect with your kitchen! :)

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It looks like gray crackle by a landslide. I'm biased toward crackle tile anyway. It has a subtle buzz.

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