Is Goldman a good furnace brand?

okanenoanaSeptember 28, 2011

We are thinking of getting a Goldman, GMH950703BX, furnace. Does anyone have any experience with this model?

Thanks for any information you might be able to give.


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I'm sorry,

That would be a Goodman GMH950703BX furnace. Sorry about the mistake.

On another post on this forum, Goodman products in general were given an inferior rating. I wonder if their products have improved since that posting?



Here is a link that might be useful: Furnace brand price comparison

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There have been several posts on this forum about problems with Goodman equipment. I am surpised you could only find one.

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A friend of mine has a new 95% efficient furnace for about a year now. Seems pretty nice to me. Its obvious the sheet metal on the furnace isn't very thick, but its quiet and seems to work like a clock so far.

I definitely am not a fan of their A/C/heatpumps and coils. Stay away from that stuff.

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Any Major furnace brand made in the USA wil give decent service if properly sized for the application and correctly installed. All furnace makers use secondary parts such as relays, capacitors, motors and gas valves from a few major suppliers. These suppliers do not make inferior parts for one producer and super stuff for another. The main thing to be concerned about is the installation and proper sizing, any furnace no matter the brand will not give good service if a hack job installation is proformed, no furnace will give good results if it is wrongly sized, Next a furnace is made of a large number of different electrical and mechnical parts, a certain number of these parts are going to fail regardless of the name on the sheet metal, whether you get a furnace with some of these parts depends on the luck of the draw and nothing more. So be concerned about the warranty offered, the reputation and competency of the installer. Find out if the warranty includes labor and service calls and for how long. Don,t be influnced by advertising hype. Good luck Iggie

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Thanks all of you for the information. That was very helpful.

I'm also looking at the American Standard Freedom 95 series furnaces. They seem to have a higher rating than the Goodman in terms of features and reliability. But of course they are more expensive as well. We would be installing the unit in our attic (actually, more of a space under the roof than an attic) so it would have to be a unit that can be installed in such a location.

I would like to get a model with good reviews manufactured by a company that make other components (like AC and air purification equipment) well too, because we might be adding on such equipment later on.

My wife is mainly concerned about price though, so we will probably wind up going with the Goodman.


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What is your location?

Just to be clear, you normally do not place high eff condensing furnaces in an attic location.

What are your typical winter temps like?

You will get varying opinions but AmStd furnaces are a better furnace than Goodman.


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"Just to be clear, you normally do not place high eff condensing furnaces in an attic location. "

Is that because of freezing, or are there other concerns?

Just asking, since that is exactly what I am planning to do. It will not freeze here (record low maybe 26F, attic will be above freezing temperature).


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Yes because of freezing.

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Hi Tigerdunes,

We live in the Bay Area below San Francisco. It rarely freezes here, but freezing sometimes occurs.

I've read on the web that furnaces are usually put in the basement (in a lower area) to prevent them from freezing. Our old furnace was in a space in the center of our home, but we had it taken out to recover that space. Didn't find out until later that the city requires a furnace in every home. :-(.


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