Anything wrong with a dryer vent on front of house?

mele63May 3, 2010

I'm somewhat embarrassed to say I never paid any attention to our dryer vent house until the dryer quit drying. Since then,I've learned that our vent hose (currently the flexible aluminium-foil type) is way too long because the laundry room is on the front (street) side of the house, and the vent is in the rear of the home.

Seems to me the best way to solve the problem is to relocate the vent to the front (steet) side of the house. Worst thing is that the neighbors will notice the steam coming out of the vent during the winter on laundry day. What's the conventional wisdom on this? We live in a typical suburban residential development.

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There may also be some lint debris build-up on the grass/ground/vegetation around the exhaust hood (depending on how much the prevailing winds blow away) and some noise from the dryer blower and airflow. My vent is at front of the house, although somewhat obscured by landscaping. Doesn't bother me in the least. I'd be much more concerned that the dryer operates with the shortest possible exhaust route, and far less concerned about any aesthetic impact ... unless perhaps you're in a homeowners association that forbids it.

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^ Thanks, I can tell that you "got" the point of my post, I never gave the issue much thought before, but I'm sure there are plenty of houses with inefficient/dangerous dryer venting simply because the vent is "supposed" to be in the back of the house.

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Shortest path seems the best to me! If it's really noticeable, keep it low, cover with a bush or a small piece of decorative fencing or something.

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Mine's in the front. I never gave it a thought. It is obscured by shrubbery, but I don't know that I would care if it wasn't. I don't have anything right up against it and there is decorative rock in front of it. Once in a great while there is some lint to pick up.

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Mines in front and it's never been a problem

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Our Vent is also in front of the house, right behind the Dryer.

There are a few houses like ours in our subdivision that were built the same.

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Front dryer vents are common. I grew up in a house that had a front dryer vent only about a foot away from the small front porch, so you definitely could feel the warm breeze from the dryer exhaust, and the scent of fabric softener. There was some shrubbery about two feet in front of it so it wasn't obvious from the street view. But when you consider how many homes these days have a 20" satellite dish poking out of the front facade, a 5x5" set of eaves barely warrants a mention IMO.

Oh, and get rid of that crinkly-foil dryer exhaust. It traps lint over time and becomes a fire hazard, especially if it gets inadvertently crushed. Use rigid or semi-rigid metal only, and any turns or elbows should be as large in radius as possible.

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Lots of houses around here have the vent on the front. Who cares? Go with the shortest distance. I'm assuming that the laundry area was moved at some point? Usually they put the vent where the dryer is designed to be placed.

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Connie K

Mele63, what did you decide to do? We have the exact same problem, and since the heating unit has died three times in the last 5 years, we believe that the length of the hose to the back of the house is the problem. We also have the laundry room at the front of the house.

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