Miele W3033 - water levels/washing cloth diapers

BlauerPlanetMay 10, 2012

We're getting into cloth diapering and I'm trying to find a washing rountine with our Miele W3033 that works.

Is there someone out there who already has a routine?

Otherwise, any help is appreciated. I don't know why they are so vague in the manuel about what each program does. It is quite annoying and customer service is no help in that department.

What is the water level when choosing "Custom"?

What program(s) would you choose?

- I need to wash at hot.

- I would like the highest water level possible (I washed on "normal" once and it looked like there was no water in the drum at all during the main wash...)

- Be able to choose pre-wash so that the worst of any poop is already gone when the main wash starts.

- I need enough rinsing to get rid off any residues.

- Ideally, I'd like to add vinegar to the second to last rinse to cut through any sud. But I know that I cannot select heavysoil/pre-wash at the same time, because it'd be rinsed out prematurely.

I'd prefer to have one program do it, but if I have to run different programs after one another, so be it.


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Slight German influence here, BlauerPlanet?

I'd probably opt for Sanitize or Custom cycle with a pre-wash and Sensitive.

The Sensitive button can be set for Extra Water, Extra Rinse or both via a programming menu. Maximum Water Level is also available via that menu, which raises the water level on the rinse cycle considerably. I'm not sure if this option works on all cycles, though - other Miele users will have to chime in.


Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Touchtronic W3033 - Program Mode

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Dave1812 - in this day and age, knowing what we know about the toxins in our environments and landfill issues how could cloth diapering seem crazy? I'm currently cloth diapering my 3rd. As for feeling wetter to the baby I change mine often and do so even when using the occasional disposable.

BlauerPlanet - I have an Asko not a Miele so I can't address cycle questions but on mine I start a wool cycle, pause it to let the water absorb then switch to the cycle I need. PUL is easily damaged by heat and I wash the covers at 110. My inserts 205. Vinegar will not help with suds. It is an acid and will neutralize some alkalinity. I always run an extra wash cycle with no additives to make sure they are rinsed. Diaperpin may have a specific wash routine for your machine. Best of luck.

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Back to the original topic.

I believe Miele has some specialty cycles that they can program into your machine for specific tasks. It might be worth a phone call to tech support to see what is or is not available to you.


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BlauerPlanet-- Just a heads up on the poopy diapers--Charlie's Soap laundry detergent does an excellent job. Very little if any poop left after prewash cycle. You can even just presoak the diapers in Charlie's & water in the laundry sink or a bucket and get similar results. I was VERY impressed with the performance when it came to poopy diapers. Plus low sudsing, rinses clean, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, fragrance free and everything comes out soft--no fabric softener required. If you haven't tried it, you may want to check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Charlie's Soap

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Yuck!!! But here's what I would do.

Cycle: Santize (for hottest wash temp)
Options: Extended and Heavy Soil; and Sensitive (for the longest cycle with an added prewash to rid load of excess urine and poop; and an extra rinse for further removal of pee/poop and detergent residues.)

If necessary, this machine can do a Quick Rinse or an Express cycles if additional rinses are needed.

Give that a shot.

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I do not recommend the use of Charlie's Soap on diapers given the online reports from parents whose babies' developed rashes, chemical burns and welts after washing their diapers in CS. I just wouldn't take the chance with so many other options available on the market.

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If the W3033 has water levels like the W4840, I would start with a quick rinse cycle. Its two rinses, at fairly high water level, will remove material more effectively and in less time than a prewash.

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Wow! This thread went from 30 posts to 6? It got a little rough but when did gardenweb start picking and choosing which posts to display?

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Seen it on other threads, too, including complete elimination. Don't know what's going on.

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I don't have a Miele but I have figured out a pretty good routine with my front loader. First off, my front loader (Kenmore) obviously doesn't have enough water to get a decent rinse going so I add extra water through the detergent drawer.

First, I use a prewash cycle on cold with an extra 4 gallons of water. Then I use a long wash cycle with hot water, an extra 4 gallons of hot water and 1 tablespoon of Country Save detergent with extra rinse selected. This is followed by another cold rinse cycle with 4 gallons of cold water.

I had major problems with repelling until I added the extra water. I added a double hose bib onto my hot water outlet and an extra washing machine hose that reaches the drawer. The one side of the hose bib is connected to the washer, the other is in the off position unless I need it. I have to wait for the machine to finish adding the water before I add more. It has made my life much easier not having to schlepp the water from the tub.

I think my washing machine was only putting in a few gallons of water and the diaper inserts soaked it all up so they weren't getting clean without the extra water. It has been 6 months or so and no problems so far. Monthly, I have to wash my Flip organic inserts with another rinse because they each soak up 18 ounces of water so they don't get as clean (these are my nighttime insert-seriously 18 ounces each-I measured).

Let me know if you have any questions-it took me a long time to figure this stuff out.

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