Mystery Stain

Kim3579May 31, 2014

Hi all! For several years I've had this 1/2-1 inch streak appear on clothing. It's always a streak, never a spot. I don't know if it's coming from the washer or dryer. Have done the obvious searching for rust spots in the washer but can't see any, and can't identify anything suspicious in the dryer, either. It looks like rust, however, nothing I've tried even fades it let alone removes it. Clorox, rust remover products, etc. So two questions.... Where is this coming from? And what else to try to remove it? Thanks!

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(if it is rust) Chlorine bleach must not be used on rust, it sets the stain.

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My dryer did the same thing. Sometimes OxyClean stain remover took it out. You had to spray it on generously and let it sit overnight. Make sure to keep the fabric damp. Sometimes it took more than one try.

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I've had this, and I decided it was a scorch mark from the fabric getting held against the hot dryer side longer than it ordinarily would during the tumbling action. Maybe it gets caught on something and held there just long enough to discolor from the heat? When I've had these, they do fade over time, but don't come out with stain removers.

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