Many, many thanks to whoever posted the link to making pancetta!

laceyvailJune 16, 2012

I can buy locally raised heritage breed pork, and I have been making pancetta from the link someone posted a few months back.

OMG! It is so fabulous. And so easy I'm practically embarrassed to take credit for it. Thank so much to whoever posted it.

One tip for others who want to try it. It keeps better wrapped in wax paper rather than a plastic wrap. But, actually, it doesn't last very long in my fridge. I use it too fast.

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lacey, I don't know whose recipe you used, I use the one from Charcuterie and you're right, it's so easy it's amazing. The only problem I had was in the temperature necessary for curing, so we hung it in Elery's basement, mine was a bit too warm.

Regardless of the recipe you used, enjoy it, I know it's delicious!


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I should also have added that I didn't use sodium nitrate (or nitrite, whichever it is). Part of the reason for wanting to make it was to avoid that chemical, a known carcinogen. The recipe I used said you could omit it, but the meat would turn gray. Not so, it is a deep rich, reddish brown.

I've been curing it in my pantry closet in the kitchen (no basement here), probably a lot warmer than either your or Elery's basement. All three times, it turned out terrific.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Lacey, would you please post the recipe or the link.

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is it perhaps this one, by Michael Ruhlman who co-wrote 'Charcuterie'?

Here is a link that might be useful: home cured pancetta

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That's the one I use, arley. I used the coriander and the thyme, but didn't have any juniper berries, so I skipped those.

I have, I think, one piece left in teh freezer, I've definitely got to make more.

I'd also like to try it without the pink salt, lacey, so I'm happy to hear that it worked well and would be interested in the recipe you used. this is the color of mine, was yours similar?


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Annie, the color looks very similar. I had to guess on amounts because the site, which is the same one as the posted link above, doesn't say how much the pork belly weighed. I was using pieces that weighed between 1 1/2 and 2 pounds. As it turned out, the recipe is very forgiving. I was sparing with the spices the first time, prodigal with them the third, but each pancetta was delicious.

I never used sodium nitrate/nitrite when I cure tongue or corned beef either, and believe me, they aren't gray. It's a totally unneccessary chemical as far as I'm concerned.

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Thanks, lacey. Elery wants to try bacon with no pink salt too, so that's our next step into charcuterie!


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