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andi2928May 1, 2014

Im looking into getting a regular toploader. Do all of the newer ones have ATC to dumb down the hot water or are there still some that use water as hot as it comes out of the tap? Its primary use will be my husbands field gear and perhaps soaking for cloth diapers since my FL doesn't have that option. Would an older machine, say almost vintage, be ok for something like this or do I want to stick with something newer? Id like to stay as low in price as I can seeing as how it won't be used that often. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Speed Queen uses Hot water not diluted down.

You can find a good used machine (Traditional agitator) on Craigslist or at a used dealer. Just check around.
Between SQ and used just depends on what you feel comfortable spending. If you buy a new SQ now, then when your HE washer breaks down you may just go to the SQ for your daily machine and like it better than the HE.?

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Having recently (seven months) been through a situation similar to yours, I've come away with the opinion that there is only one machine that's still made like that -- Speed Queen. (I bought the AWN542 for about $850 installed.)

Thankfully, they've done a good job of it...kind of like Maytag used to build but better. I did examine a few outliers that still exist for less money but thought they were built so poorly they would be a bad purchase at any price.

"Vintage" by which I think you mean "used" is an option for old Maytags, IMHO, if you can find one that hasn't been run into the ground. Parts are still available. However, beware the tranny...they're still expensive. Where I live, used SQ's come up very infrequently.

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After searching at Lowes, Home Depot, AAFES, Sears and Conn's I've come to that same conclusion. I was hoping to find a cheap machine that could use hot tap water and be non-HE but everything seems to have either ATC to "protect colors" (do they think we're all too stupid to choose temps on our own?) or load sensing to save water.
By "vintage" I meant a machine older than 1990... the people over at automatic washer seem to rave about older machines and how much better they are.
I suppose Speed Queen is pretty much my only choice, just not happy about the thought of spending so much to soak diapers, but what can ya do?

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I checked craigslist but just about everything was fairly new (don't want ATC or HE or locking lids) or located in Juarez and there was no way I was gonna risk life and limb for a washer haha. I've been to a few used appliance places but I think I need to keep looking. A few of the places were seedy and 2 of them no one spoke English :-/ There are quite a few of them here so I'll just have to weed through them.

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The Speed Queen washers may be a little pricier, but think what the extra money buys. An outstanding warranty by the manufacturer which no other make offers.
Over a year now with my Speed Queen set and completely satisfied.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

Two years with my Speed Queen -- just love it!

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So what did you end up getting andi2928 ?

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Also like to use Clorox 2 and Zout. I find Zout is an excellent pre treater.

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oops..posted in wrong thread. ðÂÂÂ

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triedandtrue - you referred to a Speed Queen set - is that a dryer matched to the 542? any recommendation on the optimum match? I'm looking for a dryer to buy alongwith a forthcoming SQ AWN542 purchase.

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Hi ariom. I actually bought the dryer that goes with the 542 washer. I purchased the high end model by accident actually.

I wanted the less expensive model that had a drum light. Nevertheless am very satisfied with both machines.

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I would say get the matching dryer with your washer or you can go with the less costly dryer that goes with the 432 washer. Either way you will be satisfied I believe.

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I haven't made up my mind yet! I bounce between this site and automatic washer and still just don't know, Im very confused :-(

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