Please help me decide in SW florida So confused

Captgene1September 20, 2012


I am replacing a 10 yr old Rheem 3.5 ton unit now and very high electric bills ....currently running very high amp ,yes coil is clean LOL

I received a quote this evening from another large local company. The salesman was the owner. I always like when owner is involved.


18 SEER Trane XL20i 4TTZ0048A100A ,TAM8AOL8V41CA Hyperion air handler with media cabinet ,10kw heat , TCON 900 AC 43UA stat 12 yr parts ... Labor install permits ,


$1000.00 Trane Rebate


Total $5837.00 with one yr service and 2 yrs labor

$676.00 for additional 8 yr labor

Total with 10 yr labor warranty $6513.00

This gentleman mentioned new building code included

Float Switch safety control

secondary drain pan

Blower door Duct leakage test

load calculation

Plenum modification sealer with mastic ???? He mention they have to pressure test all vent /returns for leaks and any found leaking would cost $50.00 to seal. Is this a scam or normal charge ? I dont like this unknown cost ????

I have 22 vents and don't want to get told I need to seal all of them at additional $50.00 each

Please advise


Update 2

I received another quote for the same system above but with no additional charge of $50 to seal any leaking vents , they included a trane xl 950 Stat ,media cabinet ,surge protection , for $7950.00 ...or $7500.00 cash

This company also quoted me

Trane 16 seer xb14 (4TTBB) with a GAM5 with UV light and media cabinet ,10 yr parts ,10 yrs labor for $5500.00 cash deal. . My current ac company quoted me $6200.00 with no media cabinet for this same unit.

I am so confused they all make good points ...I dont know who to believe I have been scammed before when building my pool ,house etc..... HELP

PLEASE PLEASE help me decide .Do I go with $5500 ,$7950.00 or $6500.00 contractor

Is installing the xl20i with xl950 overkill is it really worth spending the extra funds

Do I go with cheapest company and hope they install it right....(company $7950 above total me good luck with them,"we have had to reinstall some of there unit " )

I found 50 positive reviews on the cheapest company on service

Thanks in advance ....All suggestions /comments welcome

PS I am located in Cape Coral Fla


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I am not the Trane expert, but I will give you my opinion.

The first quote you got for the XL20i seems good to me. I assume it is a valid match and sized correctly. This is a high end unit, but I think you will make use of it in the Florida climate. The 10KW heat strips should be staged.

I would not get unhung up on the charge to seal your duct work. The sealing would be done on any seam which is leaking. I like the fact the contractor is getting a permit, doing a load calculation and a leakage test.

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Nobody on here can choose for you but I will offer my opinion.
I personally have the 20 xli system in my house and I love it. Humidity control is great and power bills low.

I am a little confused about the price the first contractor quoted you though. It is on the really low side....almost ridiculously so. So it gives me some reservation. Wondering is there a catch? If the catch is the duct sealing, if he does it right, will not be such a bad thing.

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Funny you asked about the first prices on XL20i I received an email this morning telling me .we made mistake on pricing IS $8100 after rebates.

Well I have another contract that will install a xl20i with tam8 ,cleaneffect 12 yr parts ,10yr labor ,surge protection at unit, permits etc for $7500.00 includes
XL950 thermostat

Harlem any experience with the XL950 Stat. looks like awesome unit. I might just spend the extra funds now and get top of the line unit. Otherwise I have feeling I will be kicking myself down the road. We plan on staying here next 7 to 10 yrs....

How much did your electric bill go down per month???? ... I am hoping to save $100 per months off my current monthly bill of $340.00


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I don't have the xl950 but have installed some. Seems to be a great t-stat. It is a little on the complicated side for some homeowners though. If you are a little tech savvy you will not have a problem. With it you can turn your thermostst up and down from your cell phone.

I built my house new so I don't have a basis for how much it lowered my power bill. I don't know how big your house is but I live in Ga( also hot) and my power bills never break $200. I also have the 4 ton size like the one you are getting quoted.

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Thanks for reply

Do you have any experience with Clean Effect or Perfect Fit 5 .... So contractor likes the Clean Effect and the other one stated its "nothing but a problem and hard to clean" ... So he quoted the Perfect fit 5

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investing in duct sealing is a long term improvement.
any sealig should be done with mastic materials.

best of luck.

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Air cleaning is a catch 22 no matter what. I personally have the CleanEffects air cleaner. I am not overly impressed with the ease of cleaning but it does clean the air well. (evap coil 6 years old never cleaned because it still looks like new)

Perfect Fit media filter aslo cleans air well but yuo have to keep buying new filters for it on a regular basis.

So take your pick... hard to clean or on going cost of filters.

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