Which washer and dryer to choose?

melissat99May 4, 2013

Bought a new house without a washer and dryer, so need to make a decision on this in short order. And I've tried searching the forum, but can't quite find the information I need. So am curious what washer / dryer you would recommend for our family. Details / specs are as follows:

-Family of 4 (2 small children) with frequent athletic activity, i.e. we generate a lot of laundry, though mostly easy-care items
-Tend to put off laundry and wash large loads, so want a high capacity washing machine.
-Laundry room hookups are washer on left, electric dryer on right
-Laundry room is on 2nd floor and shares a wall with a bedroom, so quieter is better
-Don't inherently have a TL/FL preference, though I lean FL in order to washer larger items (quilts, etc.) and have heard bad things about the agitator-less TLers.
-Willing to spend some money on good appliances, but not sure we can justify the cost of the super high end items
-Laundry is currently in a separate room, but we may want to convert that into a hallway down the road, which would put the laundry into a hall closet.

Thanks for your help!

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When considering capacity, don't overlook cycle times. If a machine takes an hour and a half for a load, the number of loads you can run in an evening is limited.

FL are generally quieter than TL while washing but the noise/vibration produced during the higher speed spin will depend greatly on your floor construction.

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Just ordered the Electrolux 60 FL in white. My local Lowes had a couple on clearance that when you added them to the cart were $796. Interestingly, different Lowes in my area had different IQ models on clearance. I did a price match with AJ Madison on the pedestal for 200. Has not come yet. I did not need a dryer so did not research those.

My other choice was the Speed Queen TL. The drum looked small but ok and the salesman had one and swore he was able to wash comforters without it hurting the machine. Also, we live next to a Hurricane Sandy area (our area was fine) and he said that everyone that was replacing a SQ from the storm, replaced it with another SQ.

However, when I told him I had a family of 7 and some of my needs including doing blankets and comforters a few times a week, even he thought I was better off with the Electorolux. For his daughter who has 3 kids, he thought originally an LG but at the last minute, he got her a SQ and could not be happier

I am throwing out a broken GE Harmony TL bought 5.5 years ago (but given the size of our family that is not terrible

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Thank you knot2fast and saphire for the input - very helpful. Still debating what to get (have a month until move in to make a decision), but this is very helpful advice.

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