window sill for window above kitchen sink

mommyto4boysJanuary 30, 2008

We have a window above our kitchen sink in our new build. The window (I'm guessing) is about 10 inches above the counter. We will be having granite counters without raising the granite up as a backsplash. The backsplash will be completely tiled. I have seen a few pictures here that have had the same and they still made a granite window sill. I was hoping to get some feedback as to having a wood sill or a granite sill. I was leaning toward a wood sill, but was wondering if humidity, water problems, sitting things on the sill, etc became a problem area. Plese give your advice and opinions on this area. I'm doing a lot of wood trim and heavy casements in the house and thought perhaps the wood sill would look nice in my kitchen.

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I look forward to hearing the answer as we're in the exact same boat. I don't want a granite backsplash and our windowsill is pretty low down to the back of the faucet. We are planning to put in wood on the sill to match the rest of the trim of the windows and house, but I'm curious about the replies here.

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I'll be interested to hear from others who have lived a year or so with their decision regarding how well wood has held up in the sink area.

As I type this, my painter is painting my windowsill above the sink with an oil based paint to match my cabinets..... I debated long and hard, but decided I wanted it to blend more with the trim and cabinets around the window (creamy white), versus the standout of the black soapstone on the counter.... I hope it will hold up. If not, I kept my sink and cooktop cutouts as a back up to replace it later.

But, I still feel 1+" thickness of the soapstone feels a bit heavy on the sill. Love to hear from others.... but, a bit late for me!

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We have granite counters, a tiled backsplash, and painted wood window trim and sill. We've been in our house just about a year. The lowest edge of our window sill is 8" above the counter and we have had no problems with water at all. The only issue we've had is when someone has knocked over the wrought iron paper towel holder--twice--and has marred the painted wood surface. (The trim was spray painted so while I hope to repair it with a paint brush, I don't think I'll get it back to the original state.) If your sills are 10" above the counter, I don't think you'll have any problems.

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I've always had a wood sill. Fifteen years in this house and 6 in my old one and never a problem. As long as it's primed and treated with the right paint, it'll be fine. I've put all kinds of things on my sill with no problems ever. Easy to clean as well. Our sill is approx. 10" from the counter too.

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I had a painted drywall window sill for 10 years about 8" above my sink. It was just fine.

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I also have a wooden window sill about 10" above my sink, hasn't been a problem. The house was built in 1925 and the kitchen sink has always been in the same place, sill appears to be original.

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I have a granite windowsill in my kitchen, and I am very happy with the look and how easy it is to keep clean.

I had a painted white sill in my old kitchen, and it used to get marks on it when it got wet. Plants tended to leave a ring and other things scratched it or left a mark- especially when the sill got wet from a sprayer gone wild!

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we have a window about 6 inches above the sink, did a granite counter, with tile backsplash and wooden window sill- my gc tried to talk me into a granite window sill but I wanted to keep in character with the rest of the house (built in the 20's). We have not had any isses with water on the wood sill.

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I recently saw a DIY show where they did a soapstone counter, backsplash and windowsill. It looked very nice and created a place to put herbs and stuff, where the water wouldn't be an issue.

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I not only have the wood trim from the window going down to the counter behind the sink, I have American cherry counters around the apron sink, under mounted.

The window trim is painted with Farrow & Ball eggshell, the counters are treated with pure tung oil and citrus solvent.

It's been one year and two months and everything is as good as new.


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We also have granite counter, tiled backsplash and a stained wood sill. The sill is 10 1/2" above the countertop. No problems at all with the sill...3 yrs in this house.

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Thanks for the posts...I'm going to try the wood windowsill if it works out. My cabinet maker/trim guy just told be tonight that I should be there for install of the window trim because it might not be the look I want. The problem is that my cabinets are supposed to meet right up to the window casement, so I don't know if the sill is going to fit right or not?!?! Hope that makes sense, I guess it may be too wide. I hope it can work as I have decided it is the look I'm after!

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A little different look-see from when we were building for you to think about.

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