Miele W1213 leaking

homebodytooMay 13, 2012

Our 2005 Miele 1213 washer has been leaking since April 1st. The authorized Miele tech has been out here four times and will be back Tuesday to pick up the washer and take it back to the store so the Miele rep can take a look at it next time he is through town. He has replaced the bellows twice and says the leak is coming from the top of the bellows. He now thinks the outer drum might be warped, since he cannot seem to fix the problem.

We have been using the machine and can observe the slow leak by removing the front kick plate and peering in while shining a flashlight through the front catch pan hole. When enough water accumulates around the float, the alarm sounds and the machine faults out. By tilting the machine forward to remove the standing water, we can begin a new cycle and run 5 or 6 loads before it happens again.

We have observed that when the washer is not loaded with clothes, there is no leak. When we load the machine with clothes and start a cycle, we can see a drip immediately. We have also noticed that when the door release is pressed, the door unlatches but does not pop open as freely as it did before the front was removed for servicing. This may be unrelated to the leak.

Any ideas?

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You need the appliantology forums ;)

There are a few possibilities but a warped outer drum would not be my first guess. What I would do is start the machine and watch for a few drips to fall. Then stop it, unplug and rRemove the front panel. You should be able to trace the path of the drip.

Here is a link that might be useful: appliantology

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