Church Bake Sale 2014

soozJune 8, 2014

Our church bake sale is this weekend, and instead of making my usual 80 + items, I scaled it back (I'm recovering from a bit of surgery). The only smaller items I made in bulk were 35 snack bags using different kinds of popcorn with regular and peanut M&Ms, peanuts, and pretzels.

Instead of making individually-wrapped chocolate dipped pretzel rods rolled in different things as I had in the past, I made some candy that was white chocolate honey roasted peanut clusters with Himalayan sea salt sprinkled over them. YUM!

I also made a couple of 8" x 8" aluminum pans of "doctored up" boxed cake mixes, like spice cake, triple chocolate cake, lemon cake, and sour cream raspberry cake, and two pans of scratch-made brownies with homemade ganache.

Since so many people are allergic or sensitive to things, I made a couple of LARGE signs on bright orange paper that said:

AnnieD's post about perhaps serving rocks to people with dietary issues (on her thread about alternative to pie crust) sure made me smile, and nod my head in understanding!

My friend who organizes this every year commented that we didn't get as many baked goods as were expected and volunteered. She's going to call me later today and let me know how we did with the sales.


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If you are looking for a new idea.... Our neighbors attend a little "country" church just outside of town that has a very small congregation. They have a pancake feed the first Saturday of every month that became their big money maker when the bake sales began to fizzle out. They draw people from a 3-county region and are especially busy during hunting season with a huge number of hunters and they open at 5 a.m. during hunting season to accommodate them. They charge $1 per pancake (children 10 and under free) and a dollar for coffee and juice (tax included - just to make it easy).

They serve plain pancakes made with bleached all-purpose flour, a multi-grain mix (and a heartier pancake), and now they have added gluten-free pancakes (made with Pamala's Gluten-Free Baking and Pancake Mix) and have had even more business by adding the gluten-free pancakes.

They still have a table of other baked goods, but the pancakes are their "golden goose".


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I leave a donation when the school has a bake sale, but I don't want the baked goods. I have a, ahem, "primitive" vase from when they sold pupils' artwork. I think it was made by a primary kid, and pretty sophisticated for the age, if something of an eyesore with context removed. I only ever get in sweets for company, however.

Maybe an idea for the future could be sweets and snacks? Some traditional baking, but some kale chips, dried and seasoned mushrooms, and that kind of thing? The "healthy" snacks that are a bother to make but delicious.

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Hi, Grainlady, that's a great idea about pancakes, but one of the other clubs/associations always does the pancake breakfasts.

Plllog, that's a good idea about sweets and (healthy) snacks...the congregation, who didn't exactly embrace the no-preservatives doggie biscuits from last year, might be in shock seeing kale chips and mushrooms etc! lol ! I think trail mix might be as "out there" as they'd go! :O)

Still, it was nice to be a participant and see all the different things people baked.

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They call me the baker at my church. I started out making tons of fruit breads in both the regular sized and smaller sized aluminum pans. They sold out so fast it made our heads swim. Most people were only making cookies and a few cupcakes. I did the summer tort in potpie sized pans and they went over very well. I try to do two sizes in whatever I make because we have a large number of single elderly people in our parish. I have made some coffee cakes, too. I also try to make a nice selection of sugar free items as well because so many people are diabetic. Last time I made a batch of Peanut Butter Buddies for the pups (which can be eaten by humans, too) and they sold out almost immediately. I can't wait for the first bake sale of this year.


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Hi, Madonna,

Glad to read you've had really great success with the bake sales at your church! Your summer tort sounds like a great idea--if you don't mind sharing the recipe, or pointing me to a website with a good T&T recipe, I'd appreciate it!

While I'm picking your brain, do you have any sugar free recipes that taste good? One of my diabetic acquaintances used to make sugar free chocolate chip cookies every year for Christmas, and I'd try them but they were ghastly, so I always said I was going to save them for after dinner!

The coffee cakes didn't seem to go over well. I think small cheesecakes would sell really well, but since we don't have refrigeration available, they'd have to be kept in an igloo on ice, and after the 5 PM Mass on Saturday, brought back again the next day for the Masses on Sunday.

Here's a photo of the dog yummies I made last year--I didn't set the prices, but maybe they were priced too high? They were very very dry if a person wanted to munch on them! I used rubber stamps for the dog, the heart, and the paw print.


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I don't know if trendy items would sell well for you. The current vogue are things like cupcakes, whoopie pies, French macarons, and anything tiny: mini-brownies, mini-muffins, mini-cheesecakes, mini-cupcakes, etc.

Maybe the real trick is to get groups together to bake at the home of a good baker, so the others can learn?

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