Stacking washer and dryers of different makes

deleomeyerMay 23, 2012

I just learned that my Kenmore washer was beyond repair and purchased a Samsung washer. The repair guy from Sears who pronounced my washer dead said I could stack the Kenmore dryer on top of just about any washer and suggested just placing a nonslip rug between the two. I mentioned this to the Sears dealer who strongly disagreed and pretty much said that if I wanted a stacked set (something I must have, given space constraints) I would need to purchase a new dryer!!! I also called Samsung and they pretty much said the same thing.

As purchasing a new dryer just to have a new washer is something that is Not Going to Happen, I am seeking advice. Has anyone had any experience stacking washers and dryers from different manufacturers? Any suggestions of hacks or means of making this do-able?

Thanks, in advance, for any thoughts you might have!

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Well, I just bought the full stack even though it was the WM bearings that are almost gone.

Candidly, it becomes somewhat of a safety first issue if you mix and match manufacturer's. Spin vibration at 1000 rpm + mandates the proper mounting panel securing both entities tightly. Failure to follow this may result in a toppling accident which could endanger the customer. I would advise against this: perhaps consider a Kenmore washer if you can back out of the Samsung purchase. Voiding of new machines warranty may well come into play here too.

Sorry: it's frustrating to see a perfectly workable dryer go and pay for new. It's a sorry lot for the number of half broke stackable units. However, when taken away they get resold and appliance re-furbishers do what they can to mix and match same brand uppers with lowers or at least re-use parts, re-selling them at greatly reduced price to new purchasers for used units. It's the Circle of W/D's.

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Google universal washer stacking kit. That will give you somewhere to start.

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Not sure if there is a true Universal stack kit. I did Google it and came up with universal kits for some specific brands... like LG GE Kenmore sets. my best advise is if you can't really afford to do it and you still must buy a set or the dryer on a no interest credit deal, sell you old dryer on Craigslist. Some one out there will buy it. then take the money and put it toward the bill and pay the rest of as soon as you can.

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If it's in a closet, build a shelf an inch or two above the washer and place the dryer on that. It must be strong enough to support the dryer.

If your washer is fairly recent, there may still be washers available that can be attached to your dryer. Kenmore appliances are all made by other brands; if it's a front-load washer with a slightly tilted tub and not made in the last few years, it's probably manufactured by Whirlpool and thus many newer Whirlpool (or Maytag or other brands made by Whirlpool) can be stacked below it. You need to check the mounting points though.

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Katya Bineva

@deleomeyer did you end up stacking a washer and dryer of different makes and if so, how's that working out for you? Any light you can shed on how you solved that issue would be appreciated. Thanks!

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