New Equator combo

cuffs054May 20, 2014

Anybody seen the new Equator combo W/D with CONVERTABLE vent/no vent option? Looks like its being sourced from a company called Pinnacle.

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This type of machine is used more in RV's than in homes. In the past there have not been many users of these machines on this forum - you might get more useful feedback by posting at some of the many RV forums online.

I don't think Equator machines are known for their reliability but a few people on Amazon seem to like them - for a while.

Good luck with your shopping.

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Ages ago (12-13 years) I bought an Equator 3600CEE which served me well until last year. I know they had problems with models after that (their supplier changed factories and repair rates increased dramatically: Equator eventually sued that supplier), so I didn't consider another model from them when the 3600 failed.

I haven't seen anything on the specific machine shown, and unlike when I bought my Equator unit, I no longer can find their machines locally to view. I replaced mine with an LG (ventless) and am happy with it. LG has just introduced new machines for the US Market, but they are still ventless.

I'm not using it in an RV, nor are most of the people I know with them. I'm in an apartment where I can neither install a vent nor a 220V outlet, so a combo is the only option.

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