if you're a tea drinker...

busybee3December 4, 2011

do you have a favorite online source you use to order loose tea leaves and which are your favorite teas to order/drink???

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Here's a great site to check out ....

as for types -- I only drink basic black teas -- with milk and sugar (although usually in teabags) but I do love an Assam .... or perhaps English Breakfast or an Irish Breakfast blend ...

also check out Amazon for teas too ....

Here is a link that might be useful: Harney Teas -- website

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oh, that site looks lovely!! thank you!
also, i never would have thought to check out amazon for tea!!
i sometimes buy tea for christmas for a tea drinking relative, and have bought nice teas in the italian market before, but i won't be making it there this year...

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Teacats, what a wonderful site that is! Thanks. I am heading back to explore it some more. May have to treat myself.

Normally, I drink Twinings English or Irish Breakfast with the odd cup of green now and then.

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We have david's tea here in Canada. Not sure if it is world wide. I have a favourite called mother's little helper with valerian (described as nature's valium). Not sure if it works, but the placebo effect is good enough for me :-)

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I love tea! I probably have 40 boxes, all well-used and well-loved.

As for loose tea, your town probably has great tea sellers, but I love my local places, which do ship:


These are all fairly high-end, expensive loose teas.

If you're just getting into tea, Stash is a little more basic (and cheaper!):

They have a loose tea sampler that I buy and enjoy. I'll link it below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stash Loose Tea Sampler

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Have you tried the blooming teas? I haven't, but watching the video on this site is as relaxing as a nice cup of tea.

Here is a link that might be useful: Teaposy blooming teas

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I mostly enjoy my Twining's English Breakfast tea, but have ordered from Koni (f/k/a Ono) when I was drinking more green tea. They carry a variety of blends, including black teas - their Creme Earl Grey is amazing - and Geisha Green is excellent too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Koni Tea

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I second teacats suggestion. We have the very good fortune of living about an hour away from Harney's, which is located in the little village of Millerton, NY. Their warehouse is located about 15 minutes away from their tasting room/cafe/retail store. We make the trip a few times a year to stock up on our favorites. We drink black teas and have some favorites. We love the Eight at the Fort, Vanderpoel, East Frisian, Supreme Breakfast, to name a few. My DH drinks it straight and I prefer it with cream & sugar. When we make the trip to their tasting room we always take the advice of one of their staff, a nice young man named Hillel. He has a memory like an elephant and knows what our preferences are.

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