Moving Central A/C Unit

sdemjsully5September 25, 2012

Hi All,

We're looking to move our central A/C unit from the back, left corner of our house, to just around that corner, so it sits on the side.

Couple of questions:

1. Can a HVAC company simply extend the lines by 10-15 feet or so, instead of re-drilling holes in the concrete wall (the A/C unit is located just outside a walk-out basement).

2. Any ideas on what something like this might cost?



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I'm afraid I can't answer your question, but at least in some jurisdictions (I'm in Montgomery County, MD) if you want to relocate the outside unit a heat load calculation must accompany the Permit application.

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You could extend the lineset assuming it does not exceed the total maximum allow length. It is not the best option since you will have more of the linset exposed to the outside temperatures. Drilling and patching concrete is not a big deal for installers who do it everyday.

I would expect to pay in the $300-$500 range. If the unit is old (more than 15 years), then you may risk leak problems.

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Thanks all.

I've had two quotes thus far, and both are well above the $ listed above. I should probably mention that in relocating the unit, it will be placed on a slope, and will require an elevated platform.

Both quotes are in the $1,300 range (one includes the platform, the other does not).

Am I missing something, or do these quotes seem WAY too high?

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I though about some more, and I think there is more work to be done to the lineset and the electrical connection then I first thought. Get the details of what exactly will be done and if a permit will be filed. Is this an R22 condenser? The contractor may assume he will have to add additional refrigerant if it can't be recovered prior to the move. R22 is getting very expensive.

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@mike_home: not sure of the condenser. How would I determine that?

Both companies that gave me estimates also talked about how a certain type of refrigerant has become costly, and also quoted a new unit (which I think is absurd at this point). So, it's possible that they are referring to R22. Our unit is 8 yrs old, as the house was built in 2004...we're in Southeast PA.

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Do you know the brand and model number of the condenser? If it is 8 years old it most likely has R22 refrigerant.

It is going to take two people most of a day to reroute the lineset and electrical connection, reconnect everything and pull a vacuum. I agree the price seems high. It takes time to do it properly. You are better off in the long run spending a little extra money to do the move properly.

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Your quotes are WAYYY too high, my husband did this job for the GM where I work, and with materials, and labor, only charged $400, all you need is a longer copper line set if they cannot use the existing one and a couple other matierals. I would def not pay anywhere near those quotes.

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Wouldn't the electrical line need to be relocated also? This requires permits, hard conduit and large wires - and the service of an electrician. Seen in that light - I don't see where the price is out of line.

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